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Demand your reps take action on LGBTQIA+ rights

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    Greeting I hope you're doing well. I can see that you're looking for donations faster, and that's a great cause! But have you connecting with philanthropists who might be interested in supporting your campaign before?

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    Maybe MTG has a point about a national divorce   Build a wall around the bible belt and move all the disgusting, hateful, GOP, bigots there  Save everyone from that area and move them elsewhere   Let the bigots have their policies but only within those walls   The rest of us can live in peace

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    Republicans say they believe in small government until it comes to woman's healthcare or LGBTQ+, then they think government should have total control. They really want control if you do anything that offends their religious sensibilities. Personally I favor doing away with tax exempt status of all religious organizations 


    when I write my representative, Pete Stauber, regarding a woman's right to choose, he wrote back and said that because he was Catholic, he would always oppose abortion. So essentially, Pete Stauber said that he believes that the Pope should make healthcare decisions for American women. Essentially, Pete Stauber believes in sharia law as long as it is Catholic sharia law

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    No one should be afraid to loose their life because of who they are. LGBTQ+ people deserve to be protected and not afraid to express themselves. 

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    Just in case ya'll don't know. Men cannot become women. And women cannot become men. It's very simple.

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    I'm gay.  

    I'm married.

    I'm a retired emergency physician.  

    I'm just as American as any straight person.  

    I demand the full panoply of the rights that come with citizenship!

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    "Pride Month," I mean, "delusion month" is almost over.

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    Human rights must include ALL humans! We obviously have a long way to go. 

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    I am freedom for all people. I understand all folks need their pursuit if happiness. But when some of the folks supposedly representing you flaunt the ugliness of your kind. Doesn't help at all. I have friends and relatives that are gay and you would never know it. They have highly skilled and paid jobs. I would stand up for them and support them but not what I see on the television in the news. 

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    The absurdity of it all is almost astounding! Do you have Republicans afraid of people that are gay while they take comfort in a man Donald Trump that is a convicted sex offender can someone please explain that. And on a completely different topic is there any doubt whatsoever that Putin paid Prigozhin billions of dollars to back down and then per Prigozhin sold out his men. I believe that's exactly what happened. I also believe that both Prigozhin And Putin are dead men walking.

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    I absolutely expect my representatives to support non discrimination for all aspects of the lives of all LGBTQIA constituents and non constituents. All human beings in the US are guaranteed human rights. There is no discussion counter to this principle that is valid anywhere. Not in California and not in Eastern Oregon.

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    A great victory in Arkansas! The ban on gender-affirming care has been stricken down permanently because it could cause "irreparable harm" to young people forced to live in a way inconsistent with their gender identity.

    I'm glad this judge cared about real children, not political talking points. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for these cruel bans on bodies.

    The people on the right should focus more on good healthcare policy and less on cruelty towards minority children.

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    Today a judge struck down Arkansas' gender affirming ban on care. Thankful for an ethical judge. While it doesn't affect me or my family, I still support healthcare for all in all of its various forms. 

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    gay rights = civil rights = human rights

    What happened to less government? Why is government involved in the bedroom and bathroom? Stay out of a woman's uterus. Stay out of a patient's decision with a doctor. Stay out of biological science. Stop the unpopular legislation for your money-giving conservative groups. Live and let live. Stop the nonsense. 

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    If it's not your body it's none of your business!

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    The constant attack on human rights and free speech is despicable. We need to continue to push back and do what's right. There are no real consistent principles behind the people that support these "anti" bills. 

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    I AmSp Sock Of Hearing About Trans And Pride Month  ever Heard Of That Whrn I Was Growing Up Everythong Was Keep Behind Close Foors Go  a k To The Good  Old Days 

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    Stop regulating our bodies and start regulating guns.

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    Attacks on LGBTQ+ rights are attacks on human rights and the rights of all citizens.  Congress should stand for the rights of citizens, but seems to only stand for money (and then only if they get a cut).  We elected people to represent the voters, not the party! 

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    Vote against harming LGBTQ Community on ALL levels