The 54th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Will you celebrate the legacy of the Stonewall Riots?

  • 41.3k
    Voted Yes

    Pride started with a riot, likely led by drag queens and/or trans women, because it was all about protesting unfair treatment by police.

    As we wait for yet another Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ rights while Congress denies LGBTQ people full equality in this country and state legislatures continue to pass legislation to suppress LGBTQ rights, we remember that sometimes it takes standing up and fighting back to make change in this country.

    Republicans are using attacks on the LGBTQ community to distract from their failed policies and inability to govern in a positive way, and those who believe in equality and democracy must continue protesting and voting until full equality is achieved.

  • 22.8k

    Let's keep track of where LGBT+ Rights and Way of Life are under attack.


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    I recognize and appreciate the anniversary and its significance and hope those who celebrate di so fearlessly and joyously. Like holidays of other religions, this one isn't mine,  so acknowledgement and encouragement, yes, but no celebration of my own.

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    Yes, I will be remembering-though I will not be celebrating as we are still having to fight against bigotry.  I would have liked to have thought we had learned since then, but with the constant attacks from so-called "Christian" Nationalists, the GOP, and the MAGA hats, and folks like De Santis, we obviously have not and still have a long way to go.

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    I'm not celebrating the huge number of Anti-LGBTQ laws being enacted all across the USA.  

    I'm too angry to celebrate.

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    I don't celebrate sickness

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    Continue to support equlity for all humans.

    Sad to learn that the supreme court has taken away a right.

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    Thank my LGBTQIA+ Foreparents for my right to love who I love and live as myself.

  • 2,934
    Voted No

    Other than texting and talking to my gay son and his family 

  • 1,572
    Voted No


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    Voted No

    I will not celebrate the gays. I'm so sick of their agenda being shoved in my face and anyone else who doesn't agree with the cause is wrong. I don't see celebration days for anyone but the gays and blacks. What about other nationalities or the face that women got all women the right to vote, own property, etc. No celebration for women. Shut your mouth with your agenda. You're only causing more hatred and dislike that the government gives you more rights than the rest of us. Wake up government and stop kissing their asses.