National State of Emergency Declared for LGBTQ+ Community

Is declaring a state of emergency effective enough? Tell your reps.

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    Every one needs protection from thsi hatred. Strong State laws needed.

    Vote out those involved in this abuse.

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    It is indeed dangerous for anyone not a cis-gendered straight white Christian male in certain states, like Florida, Texas, and North Dakota.  People are moving away, to safe states, where their rights will be protected as equal to anyone else.

    Congress MUST pass laws protecting minorities from this kind of state-sanctioned abuse.

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    The attacks on the LBGTQ+ community is a national disgrace as is all discrimination and hateful attacks against any group.  We are so quickly sliding into a Nazi state that it's sickening.

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    The large number of anti-LGBTQ legislation and rhetoric is very alarming, and we should all pay attention.

    The fascists on the right continue blaming the LGBTQ community for things instead of focusing on real problems that affect the whole country, such as inflation, voting rights, healthcare, mental health, gun violence, and the climate crisis. LGBTQ are not to blame for ANY of these things (although clearly Nikki Haley doesn't know that).

    I hope voters are paying attention and are ready to vote for more change in the next election; we cannot allow these hateful legislators to keep denying equality to minorities just to gain political points.

    And I hope platforms such as Causes continue using their power to restrict lies and propaganda that motivate hate for LGBTQ people. Hate is not free speech.

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    Since my Rep is GOP, there is no good in contacting him as the GOP are the ones that threaten the lives, saftey and well being of everyone in the LGBTQ+ Community.

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    Our America is for all people, unless your a straight white and Christian. We have been called White Supremacy and every name but a white.  When the LGBT group start indoctrinating our children with their ideology, we the people will stand up for our children.  When the education department starts indoctrinating our children we will stand up.  When did our rights disappear just because we are white and Christian.  When did the morals of the left supersede our rights as individuals to raise our families.

    Most LGBTQ violence is due to other LGBTQ members.  You won't hear that on MSM, because it goes against their narrative.  They lie to Americans that don't do your research and just fall for their lies.  Shame on you people.

    They want you to believe that white supremacy is the cause of all the violence..  Biden government will make up laws to incarcerate law abiding people.  They have locked up J6 for years now and we blame white supremacy.  Our government is a Totalitarian government and if you don't realize your freedom is just a breath away of being taken from you.  You have NOTHING and be happy.  That is our Government.