About Us

Why does it have to be so hard to understand what our lawmakers are up to? Why does it have to be so difficult to contact government officials? Why does it have to be so demanding to make demands of corporations?

With Causes, it doesn’t.

Causes - powered by Countable - makes it quick and easy to understand the laws Congress is considering. We also streamline the process of contacting your lawmaker, so you can tell them how you want them to vote on bills under consideration. You can also sound-off on issues of national, local, or personal importance: news, protests, anti-protests, and boycotts. You can also create your own Cause to galvanize your community into taking action on the things you care about most.

You can use Causes to:

  • Read clear and succinct summaries of upcoming & active bills, the news, and all matters of political importance.

  • Tell your lawmakers how to vote on those issues by clicking "Yea" or "Nay"; "Support" or "Oppose"; "Heck yes!" or "No way!"

  • Start your own Cause and deliver content to your community in a way that facilitates easy, meaningful civic action.

  • Track how your elected officials voted on bills so you can hold them accountable in the next election.

  • Target CEOs, governors, states, and local leaders as you make the political personal.

It is no longer about just being counted. It is about committing yourself to something bigger than yourself—a Cause.

Causes is available for free online, on iOS, and Android devices.

Selected FAQs

Why did you change your name from "Countable" to "Causes"?

Coronavirus. Civil rights protests. One of the most contentious presidential elections in American history. We needed to respond to the new world in a new way. The same old Countable wasn't sufficient. You, our users, Democracy, deserve more than Countable could offer. Causes is the next step in our mission to disrupt "normal" political culture and get people thinking again. To move politics beyond politics. New times call for new apps—not updates.

It is no longer about just being counted. It is about committing yourself to something bigger than yourself—a Cause.

Who owns Causes?

Causes is owned by Countable Corporation and is based in Oakland, California. Countable helps organizations to drive action and impact while also building real relationships with their audience. We do this by prompting people to take meaningful actions that are in line with an organization's values.

Who is the team for Causes?

Causes is edited by Countable's content team, including Josh, Eric, Casey, and Jamie.

What’s your approach to Editorial?

Our editorial team researches and reviews legislation that’s coming up for vote or trending in the news. Summaries are non-partisan and the editorial team works to offer a balanced perspective. They summarize the legislation and answer key questions like:

  • Who will be impacted?

  • How much does it cost?

  • What are the arguments for or against it?

How are my votes delivered to my representatives?

When you vote on legislation, we send an automatic message to your lawmaker. You can customize these messages by following the prompt after you vote. We also send your contact information so your lawmaker (or more likely, their staffers) can verify that you live in their district. We believe that most representatives will respond to your messages — please let us know when they do!

Why don’t you have every bill summarized?

We try to cover every bill likely to be voted on in Congress and bills that are topical or in the news. Our mission is to provide you with a way to evaluate how your own views stack up against your representatives’ views.

There are a variety of reasons bills don’t make it to a congressional vote. A bill might not receive enough support to make it out of the committee to which it is assigned, or it may have a counterpart in the House or Senate that passes first.

To avoid inundating you with bills that never see the light of day, we provide summaries only on bills that will likely see a vote, or that pose an interesting political question.