Biden Passes Respect for Marriage Act, Protecting Same-Sex and Interracial Marriage Nationwide

How do you feel about the Respect for Marriage Act?

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    Rep. Lamb, this is a great step forward for equality in our country during a time that the extreme Supreme Court seems bent on taking us back to the 1950's when only straight white men had rights.

    I don't like the amendments and that it doesn't make marriage equality legal in every state, but it's a great step forward to provide protection.

    I urge you to vote for it 

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    This bill is a sham. It does not codify Obergefell, but instead allows gay couples who are already married to remain so. It changes nothing else, and does not prohibit the SCOTUS from overturning prior rulings on gay or interracial marriage. While it looks good on paper, it functionally is a victory for those who want, and do, use "religious liberty" as a means for legal discrimination. In other words, Christian Nationalism and the furtherance of the unification of church and state win again.

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    I'm just so happy that this is finally codified, but it's sad this is what it took. It would be great if the party that stresses 'small government' (Republicans) got over their obsession with people's gentials (gay, trans, abortion, etc) and got out of our bedrooms. It's called tolerence people, maybe you learned about that in church.

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    How do I feel about the respect for marriage act?  It sickens me to understand that in my husband's own country we need the permission of some bozos without brains to tell us we are allowed to be married.  My husband is a Crow Native, I am non-Indian.  And someone, somewhere, obviously drug addled at some point in time believed they had a right to say we couldn't, then could marry.  My attitude is not actually printable!  Screw all the "christians" who think they can legislate my life and my choices.  I'm freaking 75 years old and some twerp thinks they will be telling me squat?  Don't think so.  It's all insanity and stupidity. 

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    It is time to recuse this illigitimate Court.  The Chief Justice does not represent the will of 70% of the people of this country nor do his minions that are seated.  I speak of the accused rapist that the FBI received 400 letters on and still never vetted him, the Catholic girl always follows her religion in her votes, the guy that leaks all the secrets can't think of his name.  They represent them selves and their own fetishes not the people of this country.  Get rid of them!

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    What does same sex marriage have to do with religious liberty? Any follower of Christ knows that Jesus never spoke about same sex marriage. His main concern was loving your neighbor and your God, caring for the sick, the poor, widows and orphan, the marginalized! Not once did he say it's ok to discriminate against people because they don't look like you or act like you think they should. Because that is exactly what is going on here. 

    I have belonged to the same church for 69 years, since I was dedicated as a child. We are an open and affirming congregation. We welcome all people, just as Christ requires! We are called by Jesus to be loving, caring, and inclusive! That is what we strive to do.

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    It did not go far enough.   Senator Toomey did not vote for it stating that it didn't protect religous organizations.  Those places do not pay taxes on their property, nor any form of taxes at all, but they get MY state Tax Dollars (*Cough* Catholic Charities *Cough*)  So, in essence, my tax dollar is paying an organizatuion that discriminates against me.


        I PAY TAXES, they don't-therefore, I deserve protection and they do NOT.

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    Don't care who or what one marries, the government does not need to get involved - just another ploy to muster up more votes.

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    As an adult you should have the right to marry who ever your in love with period.  Wether it's same sex, biracial, interracial should not matter.  It is the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness that maters. 
    Can't see why in the 2020's we are even having this discussion. 

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    Good thing Tennessee and the GOP has its priorities straight about protecting children and their safety, like drag queens and same sex marriage, books, not gun control or SNAP or child labor laws or child trafficking or child abuse !!!

    It's the pro life of the unborn fetus, they care about and pro death to the women, children and the family.

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    Good,butit simply doesn't go far enough. We needto finish the job.

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    It's 2022 I think it's time to include same sex marriage to get the same benefits as a typical marriage would. It's not cool that people condemn marriage for gay 

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    Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love, regardless of either person's gender, race, etc. Biden's passing of this law is a major win for many, particularly member of the LGBT community.

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    I laugh at the idiots who want to mandate who you should love and marry. These are the same morrons who cry all the time about big government. 

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    A controversial bill is passed and we are asked how we feel about it. Our provided options are, "Excited," "Happy," or "Apathetic."

    When Right-leaning events happen, we are provided with additional options to be "Sad" or "Angry."

    Causes, I think you owe us an explanation, if you want to claim to be unbiased and fair, why you feel we should not be allowed to feel sad or angry about certain subjects.

    You might as well do a poll on the popularity of Brussels Sprouts with those choices so you can later publish a report that "Everyone should eat Brussels Sprouts, because nobody in our polling dislikes Brussels Sprouts! 10% were excited, 5% were happy, and 85% were apathetic, but our poll conclusively shows that nobody actually dislikes Brussels Sprouts!"

    When your polling methods are coercive and biased, it just makes it that much easier for your reporting to be biased.

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    This is what freedom looks like!!

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    Nothing new really other than you kind find opinion from Senator Joe Biden ranting about what a waste of time discussion on the subject was (during his time in the Senate) because he held the opinion that the institution of marriage was between a man and a woman.

    For the latest episode in his mental decline, see his speech on awarding a purple heart to his uncle.

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    Good day....let's keep taxes down and the feds out of my life.Feds are taxing my SSA and my little income retirement. Pay High Rent along with High Prices on foods and water.Gasoline prices are false. Inflation gone through the roof. Have AMerryChristmas. In JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

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    When it comes to marriage, everyone (when I say everyone, you know what I mean)  should have the same right. Ever since I started educating myself, and exposing myself to new "environments", lifestyles and people. When friends started "coming out", I would and still will gladly give up my right to marry (as a straight male), so that my friends can marry. I'm very happy that in some aspects, our country is slowly moving into the 21st century.

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    That is a good first step.  Getting governments (at all levels)  out of the marriage business might be a good step later, but for now this will do.

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    Who you love....even to your business, don't you think?

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    Sad that it's needed.

    Diversity is a Universal Natural Law which helps insure a species survival.

    Evolve damn it!

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    Eventhough I live in a state that is in a therocratic authoritarian stranglehold, I am grateful that my friends and family who are in committed relationships will have their unions protected. Thank you to the bipartisan groups who worked together to make it happen. 

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    Acccording to what I understand, read in the Holy Bible, unless they repent and abstain they are going to hell, not meaning to judge anyone, God is our judge no one else has the right. I believe the Bible every Word.

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