Leaked Emails Show Coordinated Attack on Trans Rights

Do you want to see more action taken to protect trans rights in America? Contact your representatives now.

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    This is rediculous.  This is not new news.  It's just how it's interpreted by the left!  There is another half to this country.  And that half is not saying the LGBTQ people shouldn't have rights.  You can do what you want.  You can live how you want.  But you don't have the right to tell other people how to live or have authority over there children.  Teachers shouldn't have the right to teach it and doctors shouldn't have the right to do surgery on any child under, should be 18 not 16. And doctors shouldn't be told they have to do surgery by any law from the government or loose there jobs!  It is not a consensus.  I've heard plenty of doctors say they absolutely do not agree with this for a variety of reasons.  A lot of doctors are upset over this and medical spokespersons are fighting against being confronted with doing surgery or loosing there jobs.  

    To confuse children with gender identity at such a young age, as what there doing in schools now, is inappropriate.  At least half of this country says so and I would argue most of the other half also doesn't approve.  Especially when this is a bipartisan bill!  Surgery and medications given to underage children is wrong.  It's wrong for the obvious reasons such as irreversible surgeries and the interruption of puberty.  But it is also wrong because of the mental capacity of an undeveloped brain.  Which is the reason why there is age appropriation put on certain things children can do.  It's why certain ages like 18 or 21 rings a bell.  And I'm sorry, but that's not hard to understand.  And when people still insist this stuff should be taught and done to minors, or they insist on taking the rights away from parents because they know better for there children or they want to force doctors to go against what they know is wrong, then in my opinion, these people minds haven't fully developed!   And I'm talking about gay or straight!  

    That's what this bill is really about.  Not taking away your right, but not walking all over ours!   This is Nothing New News!!!   

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    This is hilarious, how is this a "leak"... the right has been pretty open about all of this for years now

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    All People have the right to health care.

    Time to get marching boots ready for any election to vote these GOP offenders out.

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    Image if this amount of effort and resources was invested in constructive legislation like solutions for climate change or healthcare for all instead of Nazi style anti-trans legislation. Also note this is contrary to major medical associations gender affirming care best practices based on well controlled, peer reviewed studies.

    Groups involved are the same sponsoring anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion legislation and lawsuits.

    1) Alliance Defendng Freedom (ADF)

    - state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people in Europe

    - drafted legislation banning trans children from using school restrooms or playing on school sports teams that align with their gender identity

    - anti-abortion legislation & court cases

    2) Heritage Foundstion

    3) Family Policy Alliance 

    4) American Principles Project - group goal is to eliminate all transition care

    5) Child & Parental Rights Campaign

    6) American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) - fringe, conservative doctors group -  opposed adoption by gay couples and supported conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth

    "“These are groups who we know are not interested in the best-practice care for trans kids,” says Cathryn Oakley, state legislative director and senior counsel for the Human Rights Campaign. “These bills are coming from national organizations whose purpose is to harm LGBTQ people.” 

    "More than half of transgender and nonbinary kids have considered suicide, according to a 2021 survey by the Trevor Project, and 93 percent say they worry about state laws denying transgender people access to gender-affirming medical care."

    "Gender-affirming care is supported by the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Association, the Endocrine Society, and other major medical organizations. And studies have found that it is associated with better mental health outcomes over both short and longer-term periods."


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    Mother Jones a respected news organization? Yeah right

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    Russia has attacked Ukraine leading to global instability.  Climate change is causing crop failure, flooding, and deadly heat waves. Gun violence is at an all time high. But Republicans are obsessed with destroying the rights of trans citizens, gay bashing and banning books. Ridiculous! #savedemocracyvoteblue

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    Not surprised at all, but still appalled. Just as the "same-sex marriage website" case was manufactured just for the Supreme Court and represented no actual situation, these anti-trans bills are hate policy with no actual need. 

    The right is too busy trying to stir up fear and hate to gin up votes than to actually legislate on policies about the economy, social services, law enforcement and healthcare. They really think their hate will get more people to vote, and I'm nearly sure they're wrong.

    Let us call out the anti-life, anti-humanity, anti-equality actions of the right every time we see them.

    Anti-trans legislation is NOT freedom.

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    This should not come as a shock.  The damn Republicans are nothing but fascist, bigoted, racist, sexist, prejudiced assholes.  They are following the Hitler playbook to the T.  Vote these jokers out of office if you believe in freedom and democracy.

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    Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-S.D.) is just another example of that white, nationalist, evangelical, racist, bigoted, trans/homophobic, "Sleepy", Republican't 💩 who now joins another similarly positioned 💩 in the news today, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-A.L.) who is messing with our Military and National Security!

    The latest ...

    "Tommy Tuberville now says ‘White nationalists are racists’ after refusing to denounce them"


    To my Reps., FU!


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    500+ Anti-LGBTQ Bills---

    How do Republicans find any time left to write bills to stuff money in Billionaires' pockets?  

    By the way, I'm a gay man and a retired Emergency Physician.  

    Reprehensible Republicans need to get a different hobby--I'm sick to death with their irrational hatred!


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    Denying healthcare to transgender youth and pregnant women is evil. Politicians have no business regulating what people do with their own bodies. Healthcare is between that person and their doctor. 

    The karma bus has been delayed due to high demand. No worries, Republicans. It's coming. Estimated time of arrival: November 2024.