Florida Judge Pauses DeSantis’ Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

Do you support overturning DeSantis' ban on gender-affirming care for minors?

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    Why should a governor have more rights over a child than a parent? Cruelty is the point!

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    Health care decisions are made with child, parent and MD. 

    Support BANNING any elected offical  who thinks "they know best", at the ballot box.

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    The first thing that sticks out is the word MiNORS.  
    The Democrats would have you think that a minor/juvenile has the right to decide beyond the consent of a parent, what is good or right by the choice of altering their sex changes or assignments as a minor.  
    Looks to be pandering to the LGTB+ community.  

    Funny how the Lesbian community in California is already calling out civic leaders for setting their their communities 20 years with all the pandering to the youth for indoctrination by the older LGBT+ community.  

    The age of an adult is 18 period.  At that age the adult can mage an informed decision to have surgery.  
    You can't circumvent the established brain growth by waving some Democratic wand made from the horn of a unicorn.  
    The legal age to buy cirgarrettes is 18, the leagal age to but liquor is 21, the leagal age to joint the armed forces if 18 (17 with parents consent).  

    Let the kids become adults first and foremost before making life changing decisions. 

    Politians need to get out of the parenting business and quit handing out participation trophies along with indoctrinations in schools.  Let the kids be kids because when they finally grow up they will see it sucks in the real world and politicians will lie to you every chance they get. 

    To my politicians (you know who you are I included you each time I post) do something constructive like "Term Limits" age restrictions in Congress and the White House it's now turned into a geriatric ward with the dementia patients running the prisons. 

    I'm all for you being you as an adult, growing pot if you want, collecting rain water, having an AR15 if you do desire, ending endless wars, taking back the war powers act to make the President come before Congress to declare war before acting, cutting taxes, defunding and eliminating the alphabet agencies along with the  Department of Education or should I say Department of Indoctrination. 
    Everything a Libertarian stands for.  

    I noticed a large majority on Causes voted to strip away the rights of parents just so the can say the are LGTBQ+ friendly, shame on you. 

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    Gender affirming care is not the government's business.  It should not be able to deny care.  This is something that individuals and familes should have the freedom to decide for themselves.

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    I support DeSantis!!

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    Time to get the religious bigots out of government 

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    DeSantis and the Florida legislators have enacted measures of hateful discrimination that must be stopped as contrary to the promise of "Equality and equal Justice for all." It is American diversity that makes our nation great and, while it is not perfect, years of progress towards fulfillment of that promise must not be allowed to be stalled by such ignorant hate. 

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    I'm not sure I can remember seeing so much confirmation bias to "arguments" for some time. People seem rather adept at citing lots of studies that support their position while completely ignoring anything that might lead to a conclusion other than the one they have already decided upon. 

    I guess that's our culture now. We just decide what we want to be right and back it up by staying in our little echo chamber. 

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    Stop vilifying people who need the most support and are the most vulnerable to violence and self harm. Support our right to bodily autonomy!

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    Let parents decide based on professional medical advice. 

    One of the big attributes of so-called "conservatism"  is a lack of faith in the psychological and medical sciences. This is not new to the current generation; culturally "conservatism" refers to tightly. clinging to old, familiar ideas, practices, and values. 
    The Populist Conservatives of today have the ignorant arrogance not to just act against science in their own lives but to strongly advise others to do the same.

    With respect to beginning the treatment of transgender kids, conservatives have decided that some of the most careful and knowledgeable people regarding transgender treatment are wrong.

    Trans kids' treatment can start younger, new guidelines say

    A leading transgender health association has lowered its recommended minimum age for starting gender transition treatment, including sex hormones and surgeries.
    The World Professional Association for Transgender Health said hormones could be started at age 14, two years earlier than the group’s previous advice, and some surgeries done at age 15 or 17, a year or so earlier than previous guidance. The group acknowledged potential risks but said it is unethical and harmful to withhold early treatment.
    The association provided The Associated Press with an advance copy of its update ahead of publication in a medical journal, expected later this year. The international group promotes evidence-based standards of care and includes more than 3,000 doctors, social scientists, and others involved in transgender health issues.
    More at

    What medical treatments do transgender youth get? | PBS NewsHour

    Doctors say accurately diagnosed kids whose transgender identity persists into puberty typically don't outgrow it. And guidelines say treatment shouldn't start before puberty begins. Many studies show the treatment can improve kids' well-being, including reducing depression and suicidal behavior. Apr 22, 2022
    <End Quote>

    There are lots of articles on transgender treatment and when it should be started.

    This simplest and clearest principle is to let parents decide based on professional medical advice.


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    Child mutilation because of a feeling does not make it right. The court ruled against castration for pedifiles, yet wants to allow parents to castrate 5 year olds. What's next, if a kids pretends to be a dog, we lock them in a kennel for a day alone?

    this push to mutilate children before they even have fully formed minds has got to stop.  

    if people truly believe that a 5 year old is capable and wise enough to make this decision, then they should also be capable of smoking pot and drinking alcohol.  Let's let them get a drivers license while we are at it, and allow them to watch R rated movies.  If their brand are fully aware then these should be no brainers. 

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    The Rev Dr Edward
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    Where did DeSantis earn his M.D.?

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    It is not freedom to take away these youth's healthcare. The state government should not interfere with a child's healthcare.

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    Unless you are a doctor you shouldn't be interfering with someone's medical treatment.  Or as I do often see & hear, "Don't tread on me!"

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    Along with abortion care, the government needs to STAY OUT of personal medical decisions like these!  What happened to the idea of "less government" within the GOP!?  Now they also want government in the middle of what we read, what we say, what is taught in schools, what we do for entertainment, and on and on.   
         The majority of The American People are against current radical and extreme GOP MAGAs as proven by the midterm elections and other critical votes.  
         Vote BLUE for sanity. 

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    fight this anti everything in this country!!! laws protecting everyone, everything are being dismantled STOP this insanity!!!

    American Horror Stories 101 

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    Ron DeSantis’ top aide organized government staff to solicit campaign cash from lobbyists

    Is bribing a crime? Last i heard it was
    Is extortion a crime? Last i heard it was

    Desantis should be arrested for extortion AND all those lobbyists who 'donated' to desantis and his minions directly and indirectly should be arrested for bribery 

    governor on the take 

    trump as president was on the take

    trump as former president selling info / secrets / future plays on the take

    sypreme court judge thomas on the take


    the most corrupt in dollar terms are right here under your nose and YOU elected them

    shame on congress

    shame on the judiciary

    shame on scotus

    shame on maga idiots

    shame on 'christian evangelicals' 



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    Woke panic.

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    Please work to stop barbaric "gender transistioning" to be performed on children. If adults want this treatment, fine. But allowing children to transition should be against the law. And to victimize children this way in the name of healthcare is disgreaceful.

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    Ron DeSantis said "the weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society."

    this buffoon understands fully well the meaning of 'weaponization of authority'? its exactly what he has done in florida

    trumps indictment is long overdue and entirely warranted but this idiot want to pretend otherwise 

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    Repugnant republicans want to take this country back to the middle ages

    repugnants claim to be the party of 'law and order' only as applicable to others

    slimeball trump, a serial rapist, thief in chief, pathological liar, traitor, seditionist is being protected by these same self righteous wackos 

    once again a circus, a side show, laughing stock of the world while ordinary folks try to muddle through a quagmire created and exacerbated by these buffoons 

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    DeSantas appears to think he is a dictator and all must bow to his narrowmindedness or be punished. He is a power crazed Trump wannabe and must be brought down to reality!

    Our country defeated a genuine king because we want a free country(DEMOCRACY)

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    God created us male and female.  If someone is confused on this they need help and not affirmation or treatment that causes unknown harms to their bodies and development.  Social media and many schools are actively pushing the confusion with medical facilities just looking at profit.  Children should not be pushed sexual information as early as is happening.  Stop perverting our children!!