Utah Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth – Should Your State?

Do you want your state banning gender-affirming care?

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    No rights until 21

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    Revisited this topic today.
    I answered a question posed to me regarding my use of the term fascism. 
    I have a question I have a problem framing. There are cisgender men who dress as women. These men may be attracted to men, women, or both. When cisgender men dress as women for the stage we refer to them as Drag Queens. It does seem that these men are mostly gay. But what is the term used for gay men who dress as women with the intention of attracting straight cisgender men? Commonly, this is considered inappropriate deception. I refuse to use the expression, "a queen looking for trouble. "


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    Oh, how did our youth survive the 60's with all that 'indoctrination'! Hey Reps., how F'in Stupid Are You Dumba$$es! 

    'Jesse Donald Knotts (July 21, 1924 – February 24, 2006) was an American actor and comedian. He is widely known for his role as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, a 1960s sitcom for which he earned five Emmy Awards.'

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    This is bigotry out of control!

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    If you want the truth, here it is.







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    All people need health care!!!

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    cruel, and inhuman.

    that must be the love of christ I hear theists talk about. 

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    People are people, and all people are entitled to be who and what they are. When did Utah legislators get their medical degrees and what gives them the right to marginalize any person or group for anything other than criminal activity?

    I admit that I have had my biases and am still a little uncomfortable with some of the sexual related things - but I long ago realized that is all on me and my subconscious biases, and not on the 'others' that are not superficially like me or the people that I have perchance happened to be influenced by.

    When will the Republican Cartel stop telling people what to do, what to believe and what choices that they can make. If their choices harm no-one else, why can't they be entitled to the same rights, protections and benefits as everyone else?

    I am sick of the Republican Cartel's singling out 'others' to disrespect and marginalize for no other resaon than to appeal to the unfounded subconscious biases that we all live with.

    I hate people that have to lord-over others because they are too stupid to realize that we are all part of the very same human race irrespective of gender, race, sexual preferences, gender preferences, skin color, heritage, religious beliefs, ethnicity or place of origin.

    The only 'other' that I despise are those that feel it is their right and duty to control the way that others choose to live, thrive and survive.

    It's really a shame that these 'bigots of humanity' are not clearly marked by any superficial attribute or anything other than their willful stupidity and lack of regard for basic human rights that we should all protect and that we should all cherish. 

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    Yes. More states should consider bans on so called gender "affirming" care. Which it is not. 


    Men cannot become women. And women cannot become men.

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    Yet another example of the new Republican party going in a direction of intolerance and outright resentment of people who are different, wanting trans people to go back into the closet, with self-loathing and shame, all the while claiming to be 'Christian.' Yet another reason I won't vote for a Republican any more.

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    Trans kids deserve respect and love. These decisions should be between families and their doctors out of love for the children.

    Politicians should stay out of family decisions, out of bathrooms and bedrooms, and out of doctors' offices. 

    It's not against the law for girls to wear pants or boys to wear makeup or kilts. It's not against the law if a family lets their child start having sex with others, and it's not against the law if a family allows their son or daughter to have a child. Why should it be against the law for a child to express their gender identity?

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    Every time a politician or media personality "otherizes", ostracizes, oppresses, or villainizes a trans person, they are saying it's ok to attack trans people.

    Bills like this are causing trans people to be attacked and killed in this country, where trans people are the most victimized group right now. 

    Utah politicians must think it's ok to attack and kill people whose morals they don't agree with.

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    Utah Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth – Should Your State?

    Do you want your state to ban gender-affirming care?

    Absolutely not!

    Seems to me that the majority of Americans wants our government to protect our health by following science not religious views. 

    Why are Republicans wedded to Fascism? 

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    Just more diversionary tactics by government to distract the population from more serious problems.  Using religion is nothing more that a tool to force their personal beliefs on the rest of us.  What ever happened to "freedom of religion"?  

    What ever happened to "life, liberty. and the pursuit of happiness"?  Life alone includes healthcare no matter what anyone else thinks.  Our politicians, even on the state and city level, need to wake up to the fact they are not God.  They have no right to force their beliefs and ideology on the rest of us.

    We were given "free will" by whatever Creator you choose to believe in for a reason.  We learn from our choices, good, bad, or indifferent.  It is the soul in each of us that is being educated by the "master creator".  Government needs to keep their minds on the business at hand instead of trying to force unwanted ideology on the masses.  

    Don't know about you but I'm about to the "breaking point" of their BS.  The only weapon I have against them is my vote and my voice.  I am not happy with any one of them

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    No bans on medical care of any type.  

    This ban on Affirming Care and Surgery for Trans people is government overreach into an area that politicians don't understand.  Seems that many of them purposely misunderstand this.  It works to stir up their base who lack compassion for people who are different from themselves.  

    Here's the deal:  There are ~8 Billion People in the World and most of them are different from you in most every way.

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    CAUSES TELLS ME, THEN ASKS: "[Governor of Utah] Cox has signed a bill that bans transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming health care. The bill also disallows hormone treatment for transgender minors who have not been professionally diagnosed with gender dysphoria.  Do you want your state banning gender-affirming care?"  ME:  Yet another dangerous GOP attack on people it sees as "different from us", and this time it is attacking kids.  Both hateful and  heartbreaking as far as I'm concerned.  Thankfully, my state, Colorado, has already affirmed LBGTQ anti-discrimiination, banned conversion therapy, and (much like right-to-abortion protection) is on-track to confirm legal protections for transgender individuals, parents of transgender youth and providers of gender-affirming care this year.  Go Colorado!

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    We cannot say that parents know their children and have rights when discussing education and turn around to ban treatment to Trans children. 

    If the parents gave permission why is this a topic.

    Plus, what if the child was born intersex or hermaphrodite (have both gender parts)? 

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    Politicians need to stop thinking they know more about healthcare than doctors!  It's ironic how Republicans hate big government, until it's time to regulate women's and children's bodies.

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    This transgender hype is just that.  This one of those mad scienctist delima's that we meed to stop.  Just because it can be done doesn't mean we need to alllow it.   I have know several persons, I think, would want it done on themselves.   Butnot  having it done was not a problem for them to adapt, to their true situation.  As we would have the same consequence as we do with abortions.  Just another quigmire to stay away from

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    Totally agree with Leslie.  If someone desires/needs this procedure then it is their decision, not mine.  Since it does not pose any harm to others or the person undergoing the procedure, then there should be no state/fed ban on this.