U.S. Lawmakers Introduce a Record-Breaking Number of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills

Contact your reps and demand they protect LGBTQ+ rights

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    Real pedophile accuse other of being one, like Christian, evangelist or politician, may be like Rep. Robert Quattrocchi? It's called deflection from the truth to accuse others

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    Men cannot become women. And women cannot become men. 

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    And then there is the Right wing autocratic, nationalist, white, racist, Christian view of proper parenting ...

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    Just when will the Republicans stop spawning hateful legislation to disenfranchise those that they see as 'others'. LBGTQ+ are no threat to them, the country nor anyone else. Most just want to live their liives with the same protections and rights as anyone else. Most immigrants, even those at our Southern Border, just want to live their lives with some dignity and the rights afforded to most people in this country.

    Using these or any 'others', who have not harmed nor wronged anyone, as a basis to foment hate that appeals to the wrong-headed or ill-informed for political self-benefit - is disgusting.

    The Republican legislatures that are doing these things are actually harming people that they choose to disenfranchise for no-ones benefit other that their own.

    I want to disenfranchise the Republican Cartel because they DO harm others with their rhetoric, their policies and their very non-Christian efforts to disenfranchise any 'others' for no rational reason at all.

    Now, I can understand disenfranchising groups of people that actually cause harm to others, or to promote their own self-serving interests.

    I hope that more of the electorate actually wakes up to the fascist tactics being promoted by the RNC, Republican Cartel 'leaders', and those silent Republicans afraid to stand up to them - and treat them all accordingly - as the disgusting political grunts that they are, who do not deserve the full faith and trust of the people who granted them the authority that they are using to run roughshod over peace loving 'other' people. 

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    Anti Gay is Anti American. You like freedom, claim to love the constitution? then read it.

    this is what fascism looks like people. thats not hyperbole. the Nazis did this exact thing before putting people in camps.


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    Here's the FLIP side as to why there are so many pieces of legislation coming forward AGAINST LGBTQRXYZ.  We are ALL DIFFERENT!  Some of us are short, and some of us are tall.  We ALL have different skin tones.  At birth, we are born either a male or a female.  To my knowledge, a rooster cannot lay eggs.  My favorite color is red. Your favorite color may be yellow.  While I like the color yellow, it will never be MY FAVORITE COLOR, even though you want me to like it more than I do.  I've been married to the same man for almost 53 years and yes, I'm a woman.  Not everyone goes down my path. That's OK.  It is NOT OK, however, to tell me that I must conform to the new ideology that a boy in high school MUST be allowed to shower in the girls' locker room because he "thinks" he's a girl that day.  I taught high school.  That is not a good plan.  

    If my granddaughter's teacher or counselor tells her she "may really be a boy" because she likes to climb trees and have short hair, I will be quickly visiting with that teacher or counselor.  If her school begins to give her male hormones to "transition" her into "becoming" a male, every person involved would see me in court with child abuse charges against them.  Children 5 years old are being told explicit information about their body parts and that now men can marry men or women can marry women at the AGE OF 5. If adults, and I mean ADULTS, want to make that decision, that is their prerogative.  Please let children just be children.  While I have ADULT family and friends who have chosen a different lifestyle, it is not my lifestyle. I still love them, but it is not my lifestyle and never will be. IF they said I HAD to accept & endorse their lifestyle, I would explain the reasons I cannot accept & endorse their lifestyle.  

    Why is it so wrong to endorse traditional values where a man and a woman marry and have children together. I've even heard some media sites saying it is racist to endorse "traditional" families. Well folks, without them, we cease to exist. Traditional families feel THEY are now being attacked. So yes...they are fighting back.  

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    I am sick to death with Bigots and Religious Institutions hiding behind their "Faith" to do such!


    LGBTQ+ people pay taxes-Churhces, and Religous Organizations DO NOT!


    This is Bigotry-plain and simple, and NO EXCUSE is a good one anymore.

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    The other day, a lesbian high school student asked me: "if they hate us so much, why do they keep us in the news?"

    I think that pretty much summarizes what many of us are saying here. Radical conservatives need to go back to hating behind closed doors in their churches and homes. Quit intruding on innocent people's private lives. 

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    I don't fit the criteria of the LGBTQ ideaology yet at the same time I cannot treat them as lesser human beings.  They are NOT!  They laugh, they cry, they even bleed when injured, just like the rest of us.  Anyone who has a problem with them needs to never judge anyone else until the learn the reasons behind  the situation.  I've known women who turned to lesbianism  because they were mistreated by men----sexually, physically, and mentally damaged because of the abuse.  I've also know men who were neglected by their fathers and they needed the attention of a loving man in their life.  It is not always something that analysts can "heal"  And mistreatment of these type of people only makes matters worse.  We all need to learn acceptance even though we do not agree with whatever it is whether it be religion, politics, moral beliefs, or life style.

    This is just more propaganda to divide this nation into political control.  May what ever "higher power" you believe in or lack there of, have mercy upon all our souls.  And for those who claim to be "Christians", may I suggest that you open your bible to the Book of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7.  This is "The Sermon on the Mount" and instructs to the fullest extent how GOOD Chrisians should behave.  Sadly, our politicians just don't understand or don't want to understand since it could cause them to lose their privileged position.  And that will affect their admittance into Heavan or Hell.  Their choice.

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    Once again the Republican Party of Hate shows who they are. Instead of forming a "more perfect union" where all citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the Republicans in states across this country have continued to villainize the minority to further their religious radical agenda and act like they're doing something for the people. 

    But the truth is, citizens in their states are much more in danger from gun violence, poor healthcare, poverty, police brutality, and poor environmental regulations than they are from a small number of LGBTQ+ people.

    I hope the citizens of these states wake up and realize how they're being used and manipulated by the religious zealots who have seized power in their states and vote them all out.

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    There is irrational fear and hate of difference in parts of the country. However, people who are different from you do not automatically a threat to you, your children, or even your belief system. The USA is supposed to be a symbol of freedom. Freedom means the ability to be oneself without fear of retribution. 

    These laws are being created without examining the facts or considering an individual's freedom of self-determination. 

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    Once again the Republicans are demonstrating how much they are like the Nazi regime.  The damn Republicans need to get the hell out of people's private lives re. who they can and can't love and whether they can make decisions about their own bodies and health.  Make no mistake, under the damn Republicans we are becoming a fascist government.

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    While it is essential to fight the laws being advocated; it is very important to recognize that these proposed laws also serve to

    1. distract people from the real problems within their respective states, and

    2. allow Christian Nationalists to consolidate power within these states.

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    There have been 385 anti-LGBTQ bills authored in 38 states of which 15 have just been introduced, 320 are advancing, 7 were passed into law and 43 defeated. 

     Meanwhile there have been 100 mass shootings in 2023 alone (647 in 2022, 690 in 2021), there were 1,627 train derailments in 2021 (annual average of 1,700), life expectancy decreased by 1 yr, maternal mortality rates in the US are 3x those in other developed countries, the US has 63% more infant mortality, and 34M are food insecure of which 9M are children.

     Seems legislators are working on the wrong problems.


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    My Rights as a Human Being and as a U.S. Citizen Must NOT be up for debate because I'm GAY.  


    I f***king don't care what your religion says.  

    Any religion that devalues people is abhorrent...

    Any law that divides us is immoral.