Silenced Trans Rep. Zooey Zephyr Sues Republican Lawmakers

Tell House Speaker Rep. Matt Regier to stop silencing Rep. Zooey Zephyr

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    Why vote at all if they just overturn election results and put in their own person in ???? So much for democracy and the will of the people. The GOP feel the people are not smart enough, so stealing the votes is their conservative right ????

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    He lost his case rather quickly

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    I support this. Legislators need to think twice before silencing the representative of a district.

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    elected FOR the people BY the people !!!!

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    She is there to represent a faction of the people.  That is what democracy is.  Let her speak as you would any other rep!  In the meantime try to grow up alittle, you red necks are getting tedious.

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    Another state governing body trying to aid the progress of Fascism within our boundries.  If she was duely elected by voters within her community, her voice must be heard whether they like it or not.  It should make each and every one of us stop and think what is going on behind the scenes of this display of control over others.  There are many good people in Montana who should be paying attention to this matter.  No one will ever know where Rep. Zepher stands on the issues important to the people of her district. "Ignorance is bliss" yet, at the same time it makes the masses blind, deaf, and mute.  So much easier to control the lesser of the spieces.  Looks like "the dumbing down" of the American people is working unless we, the voters, do something about it.

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    She simply stated the truth.  There are statistics to prove what she said.  When did Republicans become the enemy of the truth???

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    No wonder the right doesn't think Jan 6 was an insurrection. They don't know what the word means.

    I can't possibly imagine how they can believe what they're doing to a duly elected representatitve of the people is the correct thing here. If they want to censure her, I wouldn't agree with it, but at least it's part of the democratic process. Simply silencing her is un-democratic and violates the right to representation that her constituents deserve.

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    You have republicans and congress, that feel that that are above the law, can silence free dim speech, suppress the will of the people and rule against them. What interesting is the hypocrisy of this as rapping themselves in religion, against and doing the opposite of all religions teaching. Jesus and others are a liberal in their teaching!

    Republicans do Cancel culture, that they accuse others of doing!

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    Just one more example of how the fascist Republicans are trying to restrict/strip our citizens of their rights.

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    Interesting that some Republican lawmakers described the short protest as an "insurrection" as Zephyr refused pleas to calm her supporters down.


    No one was killed. No one got hurt. Nothing was destroyed. Yet, insurrection? Republicans: Yes!


    January 6th: 5 people died. 138 people injured. Property damage $2.73 million Insurrection: Republicans: No, "Legitimate political discourse."



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    I will stand by the Republicans on this one.... she could of said everything else and it be ok... but she added "The next time you pray, You see Blood on your Hands".... that right there was a threat! It's something that is not allowed in any form of debate... if Republicans do it... they would also get the same treatment! She was also asked multiple time to take back what she said on terms of Blood on your hands and she refused.... so she is getting her just punishment! 

    if you standing by her but then a Republican says it or something similar and they get the same punishment she got and you all sided that he or she got her punishment fairly.... THEN YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITES 

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    When gerrymandering fails to keep out voices that state legislatures don't want to hear then they resort to turning off mike's and censure to make sure those opinions can't be voiced despite constituents who want their representatives to be heard. 

     The epitome of arrogance is not to listen to a person who has experienced the problem being discussed 1st hand, and representing others who have also experienced that problem, and instead cling to one's personal belief system and reject all evidence to the contrary.

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    Representative Zooey Zephyr is a very brave woman.  

    I wish the best for her in this fight for human rights for ALL PEOPLE!

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    This is yet another attack on trans people by Republicans. It's too bad that they can't handle criticism or dissent, let alone diversity.

    I hope the people of Montana see what their elected officials are like and vote for freedom and diversity in the next election