The History of Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Rights

Do you care about LGBTQIA+ issues? Be sure to vote!

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    All humans need their rights protected.

    SHAME on those who think otherwise!

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    I live in a Republican owned state that only cares about profit and power.  Regardless of "gender choice", we are all human beings and deserve to be allowed our "rights" according to the U.S. Constitution and the fact we were all created equal in the eyes of the Divine and deserve to be treated fairly regardless of sexual preference.  People need to mind their own business and allow others to "live and let live" as they see fit for themselves.  Judgement comes AFTER death, NOT before.  Remeber----"Judge ye not. For as ye judge, so shall ye be judged before the living God.".  I am sick and tired of others trying to force their beliefs on those who do not fit their ideals.  

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    I am happy to say that, in my district of Pennsylvania, both of my Senators support the Equality Act.  That being said, I am utterly disgusted that my state representative, Mike Kelly, does not.


    Mike Kelly hates Gay people-let us never forget this fact

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    I'm happy that all three of my Congressional representatives support full LGBTQ rights, even though the state of Pennsylvania still does not allow full equality.

    Once again hoping that Congress will pass the Equality Act, especially as even now Republicans across the country are trying to strip away LGBTQ rights to distract us from their corruption and inability to pass legislation to stop gun violence, improve healthcare, and tax the wealthy to pay for services.

    As long as LGBTQ are treated as less than straight white cisgender men, Pride Month is necessary.