Watch & Comment: January 6th Select Committee Holds First Hearing

How do you feel about the hearing?

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    So glad these officers got the chance to tell what they experienced and hopeful that their call to hold EVERYONE full accountable for the planning, aiding, abetting, and covering up of this violent terrorist act.

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    All you Republicans sheep following your leaders here’s how it works, example Mitch McConnell when he first came to Washington he was penniless it was an impoverished but he had really no money at all to speak of is now worth US$22.5 million dollars. He’s had no other job aside from his one in Washington which pays a little over $100,000 a year. So how did you get the 22.5 million. Easy under the table you scratch my back I’ll scratch your back and will screw everybody who voted for us. That’s how it works.

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    I am glad that a committee was created to investigate the terrorist attack and that it is giving the capitol officers who witnessed the event and suffered tremendously because of it the chance to share their experiences. As much as republicans try, what happened on January 6th cannot be forgotten, it needs to be thoroughly investigated and understood so that the perpetrators face consequences and to ensure that it never happens again.

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    The actions of Speaker Pelosi prove that these hearings are to be nothing less than another anti-Trump witch hunt and a kangaroo court. Why is truth such a difficult subject for Democrats?

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    Michael J

    In spite of the Fascist GOP/tRump Party the Jan 6 Committee has begun our Nation’s serious business. The GOP Clown Show never saw the light of day. Thanks be to God the Dems have taken off the gloves and will leaves the Evil GOP #FtheGOP bloodied. The Texas Three Stooges are front and center. Looney LOUIE and his pathetic cohort were Shut Down!! Pathetic Eduardo will NOT be supported by a fading Private Citizen Donny. He’ll get his head handed to him. John is just there being his usual jerk self. Have a Blessed weekend y’all. 🤡🤣👋

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    Hearing must be 50/50 % Democrats and Republicans. Nancy Pelosi must not have any involvement with this since She is the cause and underwriter of the cause of Jan 6. Free Speech. Hearing investigation must be ProBono No Cost To TaxPayers. Free Speech.

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    The Truth Be Not Told only created by political Socialist ideas. Nancy Pelosi is one to be Blamed for Not getting Extra Support several days before- plenty of time to protect the Capitol. BLM, Street Gangsters, Violators of the Law. Innocent Americans got caught up in this; but were not part of any traitorous groups. Free Speech Question the lies told as truths

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    Crap from start to finish. Show "All" the videos

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    I am disgusted by the lack of moral will shown by the Republican leadership and most of the Republican Party . There desire to sweep this under the political rug shows they are not committed to finding the truth .

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    It's going to be even a bigger joke than the JFK assassination and 911. The democRATs are not interesting in outing BLM/ANTIFA who were clearly heavily involved. If BLM/ANTIFA are outed for their participation, the democRATs/liberals in this country will be the usual apologists for those criminals. What a waste of taxpayers money.

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    to the republicans who are pretending that it didnt happen and that it was tourist arrest them to and hold them accountable for promoting trumps lies and then denying that the riots didnt happen

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    I watched when it happened and watching again during the hearing evoked the same response, tears because citizens of the United States were attacking, searching for politicians to hurt or kill because they believed a lie from Donald Trump and support authoritarianism. The disinformation (lies) and propaganda of the last administration needs to be addressed and punished.

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    The officers’ testimony of the attack on our Nation’s Capitol really moved me and reminded me how disturbing an event January 6th was. They went through a battle; literal hand to hand combat. Those who arranged the attack need to be punished just as those combatants who tried to topple our government. I remember saying on the day, “So much for the peaceful transfer of power.”

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    This should have been taken up. By the senate. Glad the house is looking into this insurrection. The nation needs to know the whole story.

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    Trump, biggs, Gosar and Brooks should all be in prison! They are traitors to America. The Repugnant Republicans . It's just like Nazi Germany and Hitler are back.

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    And so it begins. For those trolls and those confused by trolls, what is it that you are afraid of? Truth will out and I prefer that the truth be a matter of the Congressional record instead of authored books and memoirs. Of course, the Republican Faction will cry ‘unfair’ and witch hunt. They have for every issue that they perceive to be a potential political threat, truth be damned. … … … The trump repeatedly exceeded his authority and norms and got bolder and bolder each and every time the Republican Faction refused to hold hun accountable. The Republicans were given carte blanch to stuff the courts when the trump essentially delegated Presidential authority to select federal judges to Mitch McConnell. They also had no Presidential resistance to rolling back environmental regulations to reduce the operating costs of their corporate benefactors, The Republican Faction thought that they were using the trump to gain political advantage. Instead, they created the Frankentrump thing that wandered around trampling on the Institutions that support our democracy, a monster fed by no resistance to it’s increasingly egregious abuses of power. This continued with a variety of attacks on the voting process, soliciting election officials to find votes, politically interfering with State certification processes, inciting an insurrection, not calling for support when the insurrectionists breached the Capitol in what could easily categorized as an attempted coop. … … … So scream ‘witch hunt’ all you like. Blame Pelosi for honoring her oath of office to find and document the facts and the truth of who and what are responsible for the violent insurrection on Jan 6th. … … … I trust that the committee will document the facts and the truth so at least there will be a historical record. I hope that all of those who aided and abetted the insurrection will also be held accountable for their actions. It is not comfortable to do this; but it is an absolute necessity.

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    Happy they’re getting started. Sad about whatever they may uncover, as there is nothing happy about an attack on our Capitol and the injuries and deaths that occurred on this day. I’m also dismayed about many of the comments alluding to this being “rigged” or a “witch hunt”! I can actually visualize the spittle forming at the sides of your mouths as you write. Not sure what trauma you all endured in life, but I hope you heal. It’s sad that a huge chunk of tRumpublicans continue to deal with an alternative set of facts, revel in conspiracy theories, and deny truth, science, and proven fact. If this doesn’t scream: We need quality education and mental health services for all, I don’t know what does?

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    Hearing are a joke and democrat shit show

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    Stop the vote on debt ceiling now. Nay

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    Another Partisan9Dems and Rhinos) cover up. I want to see the 1400 hr.s of tape and decide for my self. But no one is allowed to view all of it. What is being hidden. Also I want all the BLM and ANTIFA terrorist groups that bring arms and have actually killed people and cops-140. I don't believe the fabricated propagandasized bull. I've seen many of the video's and I saw the add asking to pay actors for Jan 6th. ANTIFA and BLM did worse. There were infiltrated actors paid by someone to make it look like it was MAGA and we need to find out who paid for them and why Pelosi didn't have more security when she knew and FBI also. Why didn't they get the National guard there when the requested. This smells like sh*t. People need to wake up and do some investigating on their own. CNN is a CIA mockingbird Operation. Mainstream media including Fox are opinion rags and only ever give 5 % of actual true facts. People need to look for honest small news stations and outside the US. You find out much more truth outside US News. The censor everything in the US on MSM. Marxist Communism.