McCarthy Announces GOP Picks for January 6th Select Committee

How do you feel about McCarthy’s picks for the January 6th select committee?

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    McCarthy is nothing more than a pathetic lapdog of Donald Trump’s. It’s astounding to me that anyone would want to be that being that Trump is got to be the least intelligent human being to ever sit in the oval office. Not to mention the fact that he murdered a half 1 million Americans is being investigated for rape, Claim to have made $1 billion in a year and paid $750 in taxes, won’t release his taxes because he knows that will put him in prison, and is perhaps the biggest liar in human history. In his own words he can grab any woman he wants by the pussy because he’s famous. This is the man McCarthy idolizes and sucks up to.

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    UPDATED: I think that Pelosi should use her veto power to remove those Republican Faction members who are clearly there to disrupt the committee for political theater. Jim Jordan should have been expelled from congress years ago for his theatrics and whining about how unfair it is that no one cares for his disinformation and theatric projectioning about his party’s victimization. Let him and other obstructionists cry their sad stories for awhile and do not give them a forum to cry and moan constantly while disrupting what should be a serious investigation. … … … To all of those bitching about a congressional investigation, let me remind you that Republican Party members and Democratic Party members came up with a fully bi-partisan committee that addressed all of the numerous ‘rules’ that McCarty, in particular demanded. The Republican Senate unanimously voted this out of existence. The big question, Anthony - is what the hell was the Republican Faction afraid of? … … … If you call an effort to argue with facts instead of lies and disinformation an effort to enforce a liberal culture on our institutions, are you not admitting that truth is irrelevant to getting what you want with no regard for how? If the end justifies the means why do we bother with laws or rules at all? If you swear allegiance to a political party without questioning any aspect of what they are doing or how they are doing it, how can you call that patriotic? I would call that being a lemming, marching lock step following the leader over a cliff.

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    Republicans aren’t acting in good faith concerning, well, just about everything, especially the January 6th insurrection. They are just afraid the whole truth will come out and the people who have been duped by their constant lies will realize they have been taken. The Republican Party has totally given up any version of what they used to stand for and need to be voted out of office.

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    Just McCarthy's cynical way of ensuring that the investigation goes the Rethuglican way. Luckily, Speaker Pelosi rejected those two bozos!

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    You can not expect unbiased investigation to be carried out by adamant Trump backers. They will already have made up their minds before any facts come to light.

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    Not surprised, but any committee members who voted to invalidate the election are unacceptable. McCarthy is too busy groveling for Donald to care about how partisan and foolish he looks, but Nancy Pelosi already said she'd reject any members she didn't feel were appropriate. Sexual Assault Enabler Jim Jordan doesn't belong in any polite company, and certainly would only cause trouble on this committee because he's too busy shining Donald's shoes to care about our country. I'm glad Pelosi rejected him outright.

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    McCarthy is in it up to his neck. The terrorists don’t run their own investigations.

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    Great choice - reallllllly bad move by Democrat communists. Like the MSM; do you think people are listening while you opine?

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    You should not be able to select people complicit in the insurrection to investigate said insurrection. Why do we need to explain this?

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    I wish there was an appropriate image for what I think of this person and his Senate twin, McConnell. As a clue, it could be a part of a horse. Nah. That’s not disgusting enough.

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    Kathy N Grant

    He wanted a CIRCUS, that was the purpose of that choice! Good for The Madam Speaker! Strong woman to put up with the republican Clowns!

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    Come on, it was a no brainer that this was going to be screwed up by republicans. The majority of republicans can’t think a straight thought without running to trump, who we know is responsible for this whole travesty. There is intention by republicans to “get to the bottom” of the insurrection. Who are we kidding!

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    he should be ashamed of himself for picking them maybe the republicans should all resign and move to cuba

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    True to form, Mccarthy has picked pro insurrection clowns. He's a clown himself. How disgraceful.

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    Generally you try to pick people that have not already formed their opinions of what has occurred until after they have reviewed all of the presented evidence. During jury selection it is easy to weed out the ones that come in with their verdict on their lips and those are the ones that you toss out!

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    John R

    Republicans had their chance to be truly bi-partisan and they rejected it. They made their bed, let them lie in it!

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    Robert P: There was no election voting fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Period. There were a few one-off cases of individuals trying to vote for others and they were all caught. That is why the statement needed to be amended for those who did not get it, to state that there was no systematic coordinated election voting fraud. This is a lot like the slogan ‘Black lives matter’ which most people realize is a short form version of ‘Black lives matter, TOO’. … … … You cite many examples of suspicious activities for which nothing more exists than a few interesting stories. If there was any actual evidence of fraud, why was none of that evidence presented to any of the courts, which at all levels, rejected any assertion of fraud. The courts rejected each and every claim because there was never any evidence and no basis for any of the claims. You assert the evil people did bad things but where are the sworn statements from anyone who observed any of this? Thankfully, our legal system does not endorse trials based on rumors of a crime: there has to be a legal due cause to even launch an investigation. Several lawyers hired by the RNC, to push this bull crap dropped cases before getting to the courts because they feared ethical sanctions from the courts for pushing nonsense. I have seen handfuls of supposed affidavits waved around as proof. People who examined the affidavits found them to be specious with claims like a poll worker ‘didn’t smile at me’, or they ‘saw a truck in the parking lot’ at a polling station. There were videos of dummy ballots or ballot applications being burned, but they were all proven to not be actual ballot destruction and many were proven to be staged by RNC operatives. There was no fraud beyond uncoordinated one-offs that could not have made any difference of more than a few votes. … … … If you feel that the whole planet is part of a ‘deep state’ cabal working to overthrow your chosen few, you would have to admit that they must be really good at what they do, to have not yet been discovered. I suspect it may be time to rethink your assessment. … … … To be clear, I do not consider myself to be a liberal or a conservative, a Democrat or a Republican. When there was a real conservative party and a real Republican Party, I often endorsed their views, their policies and their elections. I cannot endorse any of what they have become: untethered from reality, ready and willing to lie about anything and everything if it helps them retain political power, campaigning on fear and hate of their opponents by using fear and hate inducing slogans and buzz phrases instead of debating by offering any ideas of their own, operating with no platform other than winning by any means possible, with no foresight or strategic thought for future issues, and protecting their political movement instead of the country. I cannot and will not support a political faction because it is destructive to a functional democracy. So, until a principled, honest and honorable Conservative party can re-emerge - there is really only one game in town. Until a principled Republican Party can re-emerge or other conservative party emerges I am going to be a fully committed Democrat, because that party is willing to proactively act to protect our country’s future.

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    McCarthy in his choices for this committee blatantly sabotaged efforts. He chose combative narrow minded men who have repeatedly shown their ignorance and their unwillingness to even consider, cooperate or negotiate. Pro-pedophile incomoetent Jordan shouldn’t even be seated in Congress.

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    McCarthy doesn't want to hear the truth. He simply wants to keep his surgically attached lips secured to DJT's ass at whatever cost!

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    again here folks will judge based on their party. If that is your view then perhaps another way to do this would be each side select the other party's picks? If you disagree with the GOP being allowed to select who they want then you should also disagree with the D side making their own choices. This is on top of the fact that this whole thing is redundant with the other investigations of this already on going. Why not save the time/money and instead release the internal videos for the public to decide?