Pelosi Picks Democrats & Liz Cheney for January 6th Select Committee

How do you feel about Pelosi’s picks for the January 6th select committee?

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    Why is she keep up with this sham that she is a Republican. Switch partiees Liz! You keep on being a RINO so just admit youre a Democrat! Always has been, and will be!

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    No way on Liz Cheney!

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    Some guy who was INSIDE the Senate, even if he didn't break any windows or bash any heads, he went along with those who did....only got 8 months in prison.......travesty! He should have, at the very least, gotten the recommended 18 months.

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    Liz Chaney is one of the few republicans that had the courage to do the right thing after January 6th. I’m glad she’s on this committee

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    We need fairness in the Federal Government. I am very concerned at how close our democracy came to permanent damage due to what the Joint chiefs and Gen. Milley politicization of our military. Trump has damaged our military and now is continuing to damage our military to his followers by systematically damaging our military. We have had enough of Trump and his dangerous actions.

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    Totally agree, Sandra! 👍🏻👏🏻😊. I haven’t heard they’ve done that, though! Does anyone know if that is legal or not?

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    She really didn’t have a choice since common sense and intelligence were voted down when an initial agreed upon compromise was picked up and the losers, er, I mean Republicans went home. Republicans = Seditionists = Liars = Fear = Control = Power Maybe the DEMS investigation into 1/6 is for the best. Adding this back into all comments until the constant threat of idiocy is no longer part of the daily public discourse, so most likely forever?!!?: BLM! Defund the police state! YES to the 28th Amendment - The Congressional Reform Act of 2011! A vote for Trump & Trumpublicans is a vote for: racism, lying, cheating, treason, white nationalism, an end to a Free Press & objective justice; a lit path to the end of Democracy to be sure!

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    Absolutely, Joseph! 👍🏻👏🏻❤️😊

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    So much for an legitimate investigation…about as useless as the 9/11 Commission was.

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    Nice job Nancy, I think you could have picked another Republican in order to have 2 representing the GOP to keep them from claiming denials and unfairness

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    Kathy N Grant

    A REPUBLICAN that is FOR the COUNTRY, as it should be! It appears that as far as the republicans are concerned, it's the party that matters and NOT OUR COUNTRY! ❗ The fact that ANY republican can go to the 'trump revenge rallies' and show their faces and speak, as what OUR representative Vern Buchanan did on July 3rd in Sarasota, speaks volumes! The fact that you can support his LIE , and NOT stand up for OUR Constitution, our DEMOCRACY, plus our ELECTION process, shows that you or anybody that supports the biggest Con-'man' this COUNTRY has seen in the Oval office, shows you are NOT WORTHY of the OATH you took or of holding the office for which you were elected. All it does show is that you are afraid of the retaliation from him, for your next run for election!

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    My mental image is of Pelosi and Cheney sticking out their tongues at House GOPs and blowing “Pthffw!” with a bit of spittle settling on the end of McCarthy’s nose. Not a mature response, but it makes me smile to imagine snotty nose, first graders receiving an appropriate response to their childish “If you don’t play nice with me I will take my ball and go home to Nutso Street where Daddy lives.” Yeah? Well go ahead! Pthffw!

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    Congratulations go to Nancy Pelosi for picking the most vocal people saying January 6th was totally the worst thing to happen to the United States. The conclusion has already been written, but I doubt we will find out that the FBI had people in among the protesters and groups like the Proud Boys & Oath Keepers. Are we going to find out who shot Ashli Babit an unarmed woman with a warning? Are we going to learn that Pelosi herself said the Capital Police didn't need reinforcements? Aw, questions I seriously doubt will be answered.

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    The addition of Chaney is an excellent decision . Finding a Republican with the courage and integrity to speak the truth despite the political consequences is priceless , really like finding a unicorn .

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    It is of utmost importance for the truth to come out and all insurrectionists and their enablers to be held accountable.

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    Nancy Pelosi is doing everything she can to be fair about the January 6 commission if Republicans don’t want to participate it’s their own fault but we need to get down to the truth and people need to be held accountable & the punishment should be Extreme those people tried to end our democracy that’s treason and it should be treated as such.

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    Liz Cheney & Nancy are perfect for each other! I won’t care ONE LITTLE bit about this committee until they include the anarchists of AntiFA & the Marxists of BLM.

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    Fine. But I fear for Liz. I have never beets fan, but I do worry about the rabid, fired up, uneducated and misguided trumpers. If any of the gop were not in on it all, they would be up in arms about it. Instead, they are accomplices. Letting the big lie carry on. In reality, it’s nothing short of treasonous. Prove me wrong. Stand up and do the right thing for once. You can’t.

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    The committee should have been bi-partisan, but republicans know this riot was trumps fault and they think if they don’t acknowledge the commission it will go away. People died because of this trump mob and he and the rioters should be held accountable. PEOPLE DIED! When are these rioters going to figure out that trump does not care about them. As usual, he gets other people to do his dirty work so he can say “ it was them, I wasn’t even there”. He’s an expert at letting everyone else take the blame while he sits and laughs at how gullible these people are. He watched on a big screen TV in the White House while music blared and people danced. He is a complete disgrace.

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    I’m pleased the Jan 6th insurrection will be investigated. It’s unfortunate the Republicans wish to cover up the insurrection in their attempt to gaslight the American public to believing it didn’t happen. It‘a critical the outcome of the investigation leads to definitive steps which hold those responsible for it accountable. My strong sense though is those who deny the insurrection happened will be undeterred even if the outcome of the investigation proves it occurred, the seriousness of it and culpability of the perpetrators.