Speaker Pelosi Adds Adam Kinzinger to January 6th Select Committee

Do you agree with Pelosi adding Kinzinger to the January 6th select committee?

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    We have an investigation of a one day riot on one federal building being treated as an insurrection while the hundreds of federal buildings attacked over months by by Antifa and BLM are I investigated and unpunished. This is the democrats way of keeping the country divided and influencing the midterm elections at the cost of justice.

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    Good choice since he is one of the few republicans with the courage to stand up to Trump

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    Kinzinger is one of the few Republicans who has been outspoken about the Trump-incited national terrorist attack on the Capitol. Now that both he and Liz Cheney are on the investigation committee, democrats can prove that they worked with republicans to have a bipartisan investigation (since Republicans continue to complain that this investigation is somehow prejudiced).

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    When you hand-pick who you and your supporters and party want, you're clearly not looking for anything but the answer you know you want. What a joke.

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    First, respect to congressman for his courage in face of party opposition and cowardice to protect American Democracy and investigate the domestic terrorist/white supremacist attack on their workplace. Party cares little for Democracy and are now taking on role of TRAITORS/BETRAYERS of America! While I applaud the congressman’s efforts now to do the right thing, after having not done so for 4+ years. We are here because gop/spoken loosely failed to protect segments of Americans and the rule of law assaulted by wholly unfit deplorable racist sexist bigoted xeno Islamophobic no nothing charlatan pu**y grabber unpopular unpatriotic illegitimate treasonous criminal individual 1 fatally inept TWICE IMPEACHED white supremacist insurrectionist LOSER potus. congressman was enabler of all of that and now we arrive at the occurrence of an unAmerican attempt to overthrow results of duly elected POTUS and ALL should stand against that as well as disenfranchisement of Black/Brown voters in Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, Milwaukee, WI, and Philadelphia, PA. Not certifying 2020 election is direct attack on Black/Brown voters, PERIOD, as well as draconian laws passed to affect same. To opine about any other reason for insurrection/treason is a LIE, PERIOD! I digress, the congressman is doing the right thing, unfortunate it took treason for him to act. Better late than never? Thank you.

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    Michael J

    Pelosi adding two true Republicans gives the Committee bipartisanship. The GOP is powerless to do anything about it. As the headlines rack up their capital rises while yours sinks... deservedly so. Filthy congresspersons pollute our government adding to the GOP/tRump Party Cesspool. The Texas Three Stooges are Right in the center of the stench.

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    Nancy Pelosi must not have any involvement with this committee. She has mismanaged her position and authority before. Start planning for her removal of Congress and or Impeachment Free Speech on Views.

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    R Ray

    What an actor. Turned the faucet with the tears at the right time!

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    So she appointed not one, but two closet democrats, RINOS.

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    He is nothing but a cry baby Trump hating politician which fits right into Nancy’s drama show.

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    Maybe some of the erstwhile Republican Faction members can re-grow their gonads to stand for something other then their Faction’s primary goal to attain and retain political power by any means possible - no matter how unethical, immoral, undemocratic, despicable or illegal. … … … The Republican Party has not had any leadership for at least a decade. They have no direction, no platform and no reason to exist beyond keeping their benefactors happy and conniving new sleazy ways to keep themselves in power. They offer no new ideas and their so called leaders are dedicated solely to keeping their membership marching lock-step together in a well coordinated parade. Their parade has no destination. Their parade’s only purpose is to exist; to regiment and punish their members that step out of line and to prevent their arch-enemies, the Democrats, from succeeding in their quest to help the people of our country and thereby, potentially gain some political advantage. … … … If the Republican Faction had any leadership, their ‘parade’ would have a more profound purpose and an actual destination. Their so-called leaders are not! They are more like coordinators and enforcers- kind of like the bass drummers in the middle of the parade who keep the marchers synchronized and lock-stepping together. Bass drummers are really embedded deep in the parade in order to reach all of the marchers, they do not lead the parade. … … . McConnell and McCarthy are enforcers and are not leaders. The smarter, more principled Republicans that may be left, need to break ranks with their Faction if the Republican Party has any chance to re-emerge. The parade that they are being compelled to march within is heading toward a classic looming lemming’s precipice. … … … I admire the Republican’s who have placed their country ahead of their Party. If any the Republican Faction’s membership still believes that their primary role is to honor their oath of office, they need to speak up now and join those who already have parted ways with their ‘leadership’. … … … I do not support many of the conservative values of late. However, I still think that it there is great value in restoring a principled conservative political party with goals and purpose, ideas that help the country, a willingness to honestly negotiate to resolve critical issues and to really find give and take solutions with the Democrats who they view as their colleagues instead of as their enemies.

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    The verdict is already in. Not a jury of piers but hand picked by the madam. No one should have this much power.

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    Wish more Republican think that. Democracy and Truth are the core issues. I'm beginning to think that Republicans will become known as whitewashers, afraid to face the truth or hide the truth. This Jan 6 Hearing clearly bears that out.

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    Anyone on either side of the aisle actually willing to fulfill their OATH OF OFFICE rather than ignoring the obvious and playing party politics should be on the panel.

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    I'll take a republican who supports the Constitution and not one who declares "loyalty" to a person and not their Country.

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    At least there are 2 Republicans who want the truth. Too bad there are not more of them.

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    Kinzinger and Cheney have been respected for their honesty and in this case their morals to take the heat for honestly honoring our county’s oath of office. I do not endorse their political views but I do respect their decision to protect our country rather than protecting their party. The fully bipartisan commission formed of prior Republican and Democrat office holders exactly meeting all of McCarthy’s mandates, was summarily rejected by Republicans - so why are they bitching now. The real question is exactly what is it that they are afraid of? … … … I suspect that they were really afraid of the ex-Republican office holders who are not still subject to their control from the benefactor funding the leadership used to regiment active Republican Faction members - and would not fear the facts or the truth. … … … I still find it difficult to understand how the Republican Faction still has any followers left, when they so openly lie about anything and everything that may give them some political advantage or prevent their enemy, the Democrats, from uncovering actual facts or accomplishing anything that might actually help the people of this country.

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    Cheney & Kinznger clearly remember & will uphold their oath of office. I’m actually happy to have some “real” Republicans on the committee. Perhaps more will “find their gonads” (as my friend JimK so poignantly wrote) and join/support this committee. The only way you could NOT want an investigation into an ATTACK ON OUR CAPITOL is if you have something to hide!!! I want the TRUTH!!!

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    Republican’s are cowards. Go on the Internet and take a look at Thomas Patrick Connally Jr. Man who threaten to kill Fauci. He is your typical Trump supporter you can see just by looking at this man that he’s mentally deficient.

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    McCarthy tried to negate the importance of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger's service on the Committee by calling them "Pelosi Republicans". Actually, what they are is PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, which is more than I can say for McCarthy and the rest of the Republicans. Cheney and Kinzinger are putting their devotion to the Constitution and to our democracy above partisan devotion to a political party. They are prepared to risk their political careers and potentially even their personal safety in order to learn the truth of the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. McCarthy and other republicans are either so enamored with their power or so terrified of Trump's rage, that they will do anything to gaslight the public into believing that nothing out of the ordinary happened on January 6, and that if it did - it was all Nancy Pelosi's fault. Our democracy will not survive if we stick our heads in the sand. Pelosi was wise not to allow fools who would make a mockery of the Committee to serve and also to appoint serious and courageous republicans like Cheney and Kinzinger for balance. McCarthy could have had equal power in a bipartisan committee - but he chose to vote against it and he chose to withdraw all his members completely when Pelosi refused to seat 2 members who only intended to create chaos on the Committee. So be it. I suspect we will learn far more with the current Committee structure than we would have otherwise.