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Demand your reps take action on the crisis at the border

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    It's time for immigration reform. Congress has done nothing for far too long, and we need a better system to ensure humane and just immigration.

    I support allowing refugees to come here, but we also need skilled labor and are turning away far too many workers because of quotas.

    We need reform that takes broad action to fix our systems.

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    Our government needs to straighten out this mess. That doesn't mean stealing babies from their mothers or threatening small children with violence! What is wrong with you people?

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    Do your job!....Vote for immigration reform 

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    The democrats must make a statement and change the perception that they are doing nothing.  Governor Abbott is getting some sympathy because of his moves that are inhumane and crazy.  People are becoming more understanding of his and other desperate attempts to relieve impacts on their states. 


    Someone has to make a decision.  Turning people away is understandable.

    Admittedly, I don't know all the details but accepting people into the country to determine if they can stay is not the answer.  We can't handle the load!!


    My simplistic reasoning is that we process a certain amount a year and turn all others away until subsequent years. 



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    "Chaos on Mexico border averted, for now, as U.S. turns a migration-rules page"

    "The U.S. Homeland Security Department said it has not witnessed any substantial increase in immigration"

    "Migrants are now essentially barred from seeking asylum in the U.S. if they did not first apply online or seek protection in the countries they traveled through."

    "Families allowed in as their immigration cases progress will face curfews and GPS monitoring. And for those expelled from the U.S., they can now be barred from entering the country for five years and face possible criminal prosecution."

    "Across the river from El Paso, Texas, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, many migrants watched their cellphones in hopes of getting a coveted appointment to seek entry. Many migrants in northern Mexico resigned themselves to waiting for an appointment rather than approaching the border without authorization."

    "The U.S. Homeland Security Department said it has not witnessed any substantial increase in immigration."

    "About 100 processing centers are opening in Guatemala, Colombia and elsewhere for migrants to apply to go to the U.S., Spain or Canada. Up to 1,000 can enter daily through land crossings with Mexico if they snag an appointment on the app."

    "...program that permits up to 30,000 people a month from Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to enter if they apply online with a financial sponsor and enter through an airport."

    "The Rev. Daniel Mora said most of the migrants took heed of flyers distributed by U.S. immigration authorities offering a “last chance” to submit to processing and left. El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said that 1,800 migrants turned themselves over to Customs and Border Protection on Thursday."

    "Melissa López, executive director for Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services at El Paso, said many migrants have been willing to follow the legal pathway created by the federal government, but there is also fear about deportation and possible criminal penalties for people who cross the border illegally."


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    The American Indians would like to send all of you back, but they are making more money from all the the illegal immigration's, which is you!

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    Build the entire wall, now. 

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    This is big concern for security of our country and will becomes lawless nation unless all entry is stopped and force return who are allowed into country in the last 2 years under asylum laws and let go into country 

    Allowing into country is unfair to people waiting in line to enter legally. 

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    We need to send a message loud and clear what our policy is! Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have not done their work to make this happen! The Republicans are not worried about the border as they are wasting time investigating Biden! They are working to shutdown the government, they are not working on solutions! 
    The children of illegal imagrants that we have spent money on to teach English and have educated, some even have obtained secondary degrees should have a path to citizenship! 
    I am certain that China is helping the cartels to spread the word and encourage people to head to the border! That encouragement includes a firearm pointing at them! China spends a little to cause us much pain! 

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    Here we are, 8 months into this Congress, and still nothing has happened on immigration reform.

    It's clear that Congress is failing Americans, migrants, and the world by their refusal to act on this issue.

    Yes, there are bipartisan differences and this is a difficult issue, but where is the working group? Who are the leaders in Congress that will get together a group and work on a bill, any bill, to start improving this sytem?


    Honestly, if we weren't in a climate crisis, I would be writing to my Congress people every day about this. But we're in a climate crisis and that's my first priority. 

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    The people in Congress and the Senate are charged keeping our country safe along with the president. As far as I can see none of you are doing your job. There's a lot of talk but no action just bickering back-and-forth now. Here's my idea. Put the damn wall up And help these people that are so desperate to get out of their country because of the types of government I have. Not to let them in here willy-nilly because you know crime ridden groups come in here and are coming. I love this form. I'm getting my frustration out and letting leaders know what I think. I haven't done this before and it feels good. Not just a think it to put it down and put it out there. Your job is tough but that's what you get paid for.

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    NYC does not have shelter for immigrants. Please close the borders, and take care of the people who already live here please.

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    So many unlawful beings have entered, including those on the Terrorist List.  
    The Biden regime has made a total mockery out of our rules and regulations that keep us safe.  
    While Biden built a wall (on our tax dollars) around his Delaware home, he allows all the rest of America to be at risk from drug and human trafficking to murder and rapist.  
    The governor had requested help several times and Biden totally ignored him.  The governor is doing what he needs to do to keep his citizens safe. Kiddos to him! 

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    I need you to help refugees entirely! First to serve as they are aboriginal and in trouble. #2 fight the toxic epidemic, people need rehab to go on living normally. The toxic stench overtakes epileptic citizens and it's aside effects cause many accidents and disease on our roads, sidewalks, homes and civilians. A daily stench in America that we must face. #3 is a crime that corporations can set prices as high as they want. It's a of the government owns the corporations but they don't, it's the other way around. Step down or get the justice done!! Get the front page on the fight and take it to them and we got your back! Let me hear you be progressive guys. We want universal Healthcare, we want the cops to take a lie detector test about their corruption and just as importantly to have mental evaluations done on them monthly, we want former president Donald Trump to be jailed for the January 6th coup attempt or insurrection as you like to call it now, we want extremely high taxes on the rich and justice for those of them that belong in jail but since they own politicians, judges and so on that they have laws created so they pay little in fines along with no jail time for all their treacherous and highly murderous actions. Protect earth and fight global warming. Stop skiing what the rich want you to. Stop silence. Stop corporate media. Stop the sex trade! Abolish the Supreme Court or add justices immediately! Denounce the electoral college! Denounce the Republican party as the party of traitors! Jail all those that stood behind trumps big lie on January 6th! Replace Merrick Garland. We want Trump in jail now! Trump the traitor! End racism! No more nazi talk allowed law!

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    My Sense of Immigration

    I admit to being a mindfield of conflictions on this subject. But I always circle back to national security which requires that we secure our borders. Only then can we get a handle on immigration.

    Our bigger problem is not the migrants. It’s Mexico. Their give-a-shit factor is very low for a couple reasons. 
    First, the U.S. continues to absorb the migrants that come through Mexico sparing Mexico all responsibility or accountability for them making the financial impact on Mexico nearly nil. 
    Secondly, the migrants are actually good for Mexico’s economy because they spend money all during their lengthy migration north.

    We need to remind Mexico that they are 100% responsible for all migrants they allow into Mexico. The U.S. can not be de facto caregivers to all who show up at our door, no matter how sympathetic we are to their plight. There is no conceivable scenario where that can work. When I think of how much good the tax dollars being spent on migrant housing, feeding and medical care could do for our own indigent poor I get angry. Our current system of taking in every migrant and shuffling them to one state or another until they are processed is unsustainable and dangerous. I believe there are more than 2 million open cases roaming our country right now. 


    We have lost control and must therefore;

     Halt all immigration at our southern border until we:
     Develop a reliable redundant impenetrable barrier solution that is viable above & below ground, surveilled by satellite and  unmistakably marked.
     Revamp immigrant prerequisites, sponsorship, vetting and reception programs and processes to resemble those used by Canada with initial vetting done in the country of origin as is our current visa process.
    Emma Lazarus’s sonnet, “The New Colossus” (1883) that is inscribed on the Statue Of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” is and was a wonderful and deliberated sentiment at that time but like other tenets written at our countries infancy, it is not viable in todays world. Much like arms technology and population growth(more crazies)have far eclipsed our founding father’s rationale for the 1791 second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
     All illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes must be deported.
     All other illegal aliens not covered under DACA should undergo immediate compassionate determinative processing (my words) so they can either start paying taxes and apply for naturalized citizenship or be deported as undesirables.
     DACA folks should be fast tracked to naturalized citizenship.


    Executive decisions and radical reforms have to be made ASAP (if not sooner) in immigration, gun control, climate control, campaign contributions, dark money, lobbying, congressional representatives disregard of constituency, ethics enforcement, subpoena authority/enforcement and negation of fifth amendment protections at the appellate level courts and congressional hearings.

    I’m Just Saying Is All!

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    Leave them illegals immigrants in their own countries.

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    It's all on the socialist liberals. We had a wall but the Biden and the National socialists refused to complete it. We have a fentanyl crisis from open borders, gangs, terrorist, a homeless crisis, our medical is endanger because of millions of illegals coming here, and we are broke. The National socialists care more about these illegals than our own people.

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    I personally believe the border should be closed, until we have provided all the assistance to those already here. Hopefully by then we would have a Congress who would actually pass an immigration procedure and make it law. Than we can begin to allow more immigrants. But as usual no one will step forward and do what needs to be done. They will just spin the pointer to see whose fault is it this week.

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    The border problem is a self inflicted problem, thinking by us ignoring problems in other countries and thinking if we just ignored, it will go away! Drug cartels and corrupt government is the problem and the corrupt will spread!

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    Meanwhile, the Guns Over People party, led by Greg Abbott, are blaming the victims of a gun massacre for being undocumented, as if it matters what they're status is.

    They are innocent victims of gun violence. Abbott is complicit in their deaths because he has prioritized guns over people in his state.

    This is who they are. They don't care about people.