Biden Admin Cancels Border Wall Contracts Amid Illegal Immigration Surge - Do You Support the Move?

Do you support or oppose the cancellation of border barrier construction contracts?

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    We are only voting for and supporting national and state candidates that support stronger border security on the USA northern and southern border. Increased border security should include walls where beneficial, apprehensions with export, no releases while waiting for court dates, strong penalties and immediate export of all criminals (drugs, contraband, traffickers for sex and exploitation), and penalties for those assisting recent illigal migrants to remain in USA. We do support creating efficient pathways for longterm illigal, law abiding immigrants to become USA citizens. We are extremely opposed to USA citizens paying more to support illigal immigrants than what we pay to support Veterans and senior citizens.

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    Treason, Our politicians are voted to protect America and Americans, Not sell the country to the highest bidder.

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    Everything possible needs to be done to protect our borders!

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    We need to control the border

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    Walls remind me of oppression.

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    We have a surge at the border and the wall has already been paid for. Arguments regarding racism are made by myopic idiots who won’t have to deal with the problem.

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    Joe Biden is as racist as the jerk he replaced, he’s just more political about it. Remember when his Vice President said “don’t come”? Yeah give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free… But Kamala says “don’t come”. I oppose the freakin wall. America used to take asylum seekers. I want that America back.

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    I don’t know why he would stop the border wall from being put up? Because he’s an idiot. Why is he putting our country in danger with open borders we don’t know who’s coming across our borders where they’re from and what they want. Why did the Supreme Court and why did a judge tell him what he did was wrong and he hast to put it back and let Mexico do what they were doing with the deal with President Donald Trump. It was Joe Biden that stop that. Our borders are wide open we are left naked. And all he does is condemn the people who are working their butts off to protect our country. And now he’s flying them everywhere during the night. Telling them they’re free they can go and look for jobs they can do whatever they want and go wherever they want. No covert vaccine for them? The border wall should’ve been finished. We are a sovereign America. I have nothing against immigration. But it should be done legally. not the way Joe Biden and his and ministration way of doing things I doubt very much that Joe Biden is in charge of anything. The man is a walking talking disaster area. The things that are happening in America right now are totally uncalled for. His mandate making people to take the Covid vaccine is Illegal. People have a right to choose what is going in to their body. The destruction that is happening in our country in eight months of his presidency sticks out like a great big fat thumb of destruction of our free America

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    The border wall is just a POLITICAL symbol put in place by a biggot trying to get the vote of more biggest! We need to control our boarders but as we have seen the wall itself is not the answer, the morons wall has fallen over in places, people have climbed of it, under it and through it!!

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    Another act of Terrorism by our Globalist Congress.

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    Biden's administration has opened the border without any controls or vetting of the illegals coming in. No vetting, or researching the background of the individuals or even knowing who they really are. The entire situation on the southern border is owned by Biden and his administration. God save our republic.

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    Y’all didn’t notice the ladders mocking the wall from the Mexico side? Abbott is increasing the problem

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    We need to support the citizens residing on the border and funnel border traffic to a manageable location. We also need to be thoughtful of the journeys of those crossing and prevent dangerous border crossings impeding access to medical care, food and water, and temporary shelter.

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    The wall was wasted money that could have been used to reform immigration and upgrade systems.

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    The wall is racist. It’s not about protecting our borders. If it were about protecting our borders, we’d also build one on the Canadian border.

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    We have so many other things to spend money on. The wall does not stop immigrants from entering the country by any means they choose. I also suspect that the contracts involved provide more benefits to the contractors than the country. It makes more sense to reallocate the funds to programs where they will do more good.

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    Only a president who doesn't love his country and is unpatriotic would be against a wall. biden's communist handlers forbid the wall, the more non-European/White illegal aliens the better. The goal is to destroy America's White complexion.

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    It was stupid and a dumb vanity project for a simple minded puppet. Money was misallocated from their proper and appropriate needs. And the Mexicans didn’t pay for the wall, in contrast to first Big Lie. And finally it was ineffective. Money would be spent in other ways to prevent drugs and human trafficking from coming into the country.

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    The latest asinine, anti-Trump move by the Biden administration. Beyond being at the cost of the average citizen, this is a stupid move. I don't expect anything else from this carcass of an administration. That doesn't make it any less frustrating to see us go one step forward, two steps back on a Southern border wall. Trump was no great president. That being said the southern border wall was a good thing, for every American. It shouldn't matter that Trump was involved, but somehow it does I guess, because absolutely everything he was involved in had to be bad? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Our country is a little over half full of misguided children that somehow figured out how to vote. Great job kids! Gold stars and participation trophies for everyone!