U.S. Intel Officials Reportedly Unsure of Aerial Phenomena Origins - Do You Believe Them?

Do you believe that U.S. intelligence officials don’t know the origins of the unidentified aerial phenomena?

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    I believe that people can ‘see’ things that appear to be something else. Watch a documentary on magic tricks and deception. Penn and Teller did a demonstration of the 3 cup shell game using colored balls and clear glasses. When you watch the video in slow motion you can clearly see the balls being palmed and placed in different cups, but at full speed it is still difficult to see without retraining your brain to anticipate and look for the palming actions and see colored balls pop into different clear glasses. This is because you do not actually ‘see’ what you are looking at. Your eyes dither slightly and actually only ‘see’ the edges of things in your field of view and your brain fills in the details based on what your brain expects the background details to be. This is how magicians can fool you with slight of hand. This is how people can ‘see’ something which is really something else. … … … Now the instrument images are something else and I would not be surprised to find that some of the weird sightings were of some terrestrial vehicles that the military would not acknowledge having details on if they were an adversary’s craft or US operated craft. Nor would I expect the military to announce that our instrumentation could be fooled by artifacts or could somehow be spoofed to image things that are not really there. As far as ‘craft’ moving at hypersonic speeds - if they are solid objects there should be not only shock waves, but at those speeds very visible shock waves coming off the leading edge surfaces as well as sonic booms and substantial infrared emissions that instruments should have seen. . … … … Unidentified is just that, unidentified and unexplained. … … … If these were alien craft with the advanced technology to be able to get to our lonely planet, it really begs the question of: ‘Why would they bother with visiting our lowly speck of dust in the universe?’. Sci-fi movies have yet to offer a compelling reason for aliens advanced enough to get here to bother. Why would they want anything that we could offer except possibly to be added to their petting zoo of primitive beings for their offspring to play with - but then, only if we are ‘interesting’ enough to play with. … … … Now as far the aliens based in the far side of the moon, it is known that they spent years to bioengineer one of their own to look like us so they could gather culinary data regarding which people would be most tasty for their cuisine of delicacy items. They placed their plant in the United States because they felt that well-marbled Americans looked particularly tasty. When I say alien ‘plant’ I mean an actual plant, since these alien life forms are most closely related to our vegetables. They bioengineered a kind of carrot-thing to look like and kind of act like a human being so he could get a close-up look at their eventual crop. And who might that bioengineered carrot pretending to be a human actually be? It can obviously be deduced by a lack of humanity, lack of empathy, awkwardness of action, the fact that he just does not fit in and the tell tale residual orange carrot color. Who could that be? I think our alien hunter community needs to investigate and catch that ‘carrot-man’ in the act of feeding off of Mike Pompeo.

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    How could they?

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    News flash: there are aliens currently living amongst us now. Otherwise known as die hard Trump supporters and every Republican member of Congress.

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    Someone is preparing for a war. They are practicing. Time to round up the usual suspects.

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    There are atmospheric phenomena that we don't fully understand, Mirages and ball lightning. for example

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    I can tell you that I saw the UFO's in March 1996 (?) or about and I am confident that it is known what they were. There were far too many sightings and videos showing the items to be told nothing. I believe that the sightings are from other countries that are further ahead with technology in that area than we are. I understand the need for national security but do not dismiss us as foolish if we report such sightings.

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    Don't know

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    Sure, I am not so egocentric to believe that we "Earthlings" are the only lifeforms with intelligence in the Universe. I bet they are just waiting until we become more " civilized", and no longer try to blow each other up.

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    Geez - when I run into impossible scenarios, I think on Occam's Razor. It is unlikely that the UFO was extraterrestrial from another solar system, otherwise, they would greet us no matter how primitive we may be. "Prime Directive" comes from movies so I rule that out. Ergo, the only simple and possible conclusion, the UFO technology came from earthlings.

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    Don’t trust the government

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    Intelligence reports are based on a summery of information from different sources and evaluated based on the origin inquiry concerning UFO's. Their conclusion is based on whether they determine if the UFO's were from other civilizations outside our planet. Their conclusion states their is no evidence to conclude they are not of their world, but, neither is there any evidence they are not. The investigation results are the same as the "Blue Book" results, " Origin unknown".

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    Frankly, it’s hooha. There’s nothing that can’t be explained by 1: our experimental aircraft programs. 2: radar interference 3: Other militaries. There are multiple experimental aircraft programs. That’s why “need to know” clearances work. Y’all don’t need to know.

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    Its hard to know, when it comes to military intelligence. But do I believe there are other beings out there absolutely. It is no way I believe earth is the only plant harboring creation. Whether that creation is entering the earth’s atmosphere that’s to be seen.

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    it really isn't their job to tell what they know

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    We may not know what the aerials are now BUT we are able to SEE and KNOW the CONGRESS MEMBERS who ALIENS to Certified Elections, Voters Rights, and who do not want a Jan. 6th investigation! When we vote them OUT they will not SEE us but will FEEL us!!!

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    Sometimes things just cannot be explained.

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    Hard to deny when one appears in front of you and the other 3 people in the car with you, April 6,1969. We told our story many times to our children and one of my daughter's friends asked do you believe your parents. She quickly said that people who are not telling the truth the story changes and theirs's is always the same. At a family function in 1991 one of the guests was the guy who was with us, my never shy daughter introduced herself & proceeded to ask him his version of the story. She was delighted to say his and our story was the exact same. I don't care who believes me! I know what I saw.

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    I believe they know exactly what they are they just don't want anyone else to know. Like everything else though you can't keep a secret forever!

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    This must be taken seriously.

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    Heck Yes means they have no clue and it is 100% from earth. The distances things have to travel actually is greater than our imaginations can conjure. Voyager I an II at 35,000 mph may take 40,000 years give or take to reach another star. We can imagine all kinds of ways to get here but in practicality it's from earth. Just a UFO.