Utah Bill Encourages Teachers To Carry Firearms

Do you support the bill?

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    Utah ranks in the bottom half of states (#37) in public school rankings and is now investing in arming teachers which has been proven to be ineffective In addition 95% of educators, and 63% of parents dusagree with arming teachers. Placing guns in schools with teachers increases the likelihood of gun accidents with 100 documented incidents over the last 5 years.

    28 states, including Texas, currently allow teachers or school staff to be armed in the classroom under varying conditions, according to a 2020 RAND Corporation study. 2ststes (LA & OH) har dropped gun training requirements 

    National Education Association (NEA) & the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are opposed to arming teachers

    School security experts also shared frustration that many of these programs provide limited training as a cost-saving measure for security.

    2019 national survey of 2,926 teachers, including more than 450 gun owners, after the Parkland shooting found that more than 95% of educators did not believe teachers should be carrying a gun in the classroom. 

    Texas “school marshal” program 2013), Texas has licensed school employees to carry a firearm. After an 80 hr course, a psychological exam and a $35 fee, school staff members can be approved to carry a gun.  In 9 years, only l256 marshals were licensed in 62 of the state’s 1,029 school districts, according to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. 






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    The idea of my child in a daily environment with loaded guns all around them is horrifying. It's the stupidist, most insane idea ever. Who's to say those guns can't easily end up in the wrong hands through brute force or other means? Whos to say that a mentally ill teacher won't be the one with the gun? It will happen sooner or later.  I am stunned by the stupidity of Americans. 

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    I am a law enforcement officer with over two decades of experience and I have been a school resource officer for the past ten years.  I whole heartedly endorse bills such as this. The number of times that violence will erupt while we are in the immediate area are few and far between. It has happened to me twice in 27 years.  My point is that having other armed and trained staff members on campus will absolutely reduce response time and will significantly reduce the number of potential victims. I would never force anyone to carry a gun if they aren't confident, competent and comfortable with it, but I believe every school district should be required to offer their staff the option of obtaining training and carrying a firearm on campus. 

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    Teachers don't want to carry guns. And btw, as if they already aren't underpaid enough, you want to push this job on to them to?

    That's extremely disrespectful to teachers.


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    I fully support teachers being allowed to carry on the school campus. It is proven statistically that most shootings occur in gun-free zones. Our children and educators should be protected during their time on campus.

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    Elisa S.

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    Haven't we already set the precedence for students that carying a gun and then using it is an acceptable means of releasing anger?

    How about addressing the gun laws instead of asking teachers to carry guns and putting the responsibility on them to teach and  protect.

    Divise a safer plan. Safety measures should be divised to keep our school grounds a safe place free from violence without asking our teachers to carry guns. 

    Build forts around the grounds. Add security guards and electronic searches.That may help students or adults from attacking those on school grounds but once they are out in the wild west where guns are legal for everyone, you are on your own.

    The living should be protected at any cost. The punishment for  disrespecting innocents or their things is not working. The punishment does not fit the crime so maybe the proposed guillotine might.

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    Teachers should not carry guns.

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    Teachers have more then they can deal with on any given day! Sure have them have s gun to use when they REALLY get stressed ! 

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    It's like pouring gas on a fire!

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    Some teachers I had were so abusive I wouldn't trust them with a sharp stick.

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    Armed teachers.  The republican way to avoid the real issue.

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    WTF  Seriously   Have you ever dealt with an upset middle schooler or high schooler   

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    I'm a mother. I don't my children in a classroom with guns. PERIOD.

    I'm also a middle school teacher. I don't want guns in my classroom. PERIOD.

    Guns seem to send the wrong message for a conducive learning environment. We shouldn't be encouraged by our law makers to carry weapons. Compassion, especially to those on the margins? Yes. Yes. THAT is what should be encouraged. 

    For the love of God, lawmakers! Get it together!

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    Teachers should never be armed because they are not trained to respond to active shooter situations. As we saw at the Super Bowl parade, more guns don't make you safer. There were 800 armed police officers and still many people were shot.

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    You're just inviting some students to steal your gun, and possibly to use it to kill someone.

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    Oppose--sets up a lethal situation for staff and children~~~

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    Utah should be ashamed.   More guns in school means more deaths in schools.   

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    530 East Hunt Highway
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    Why not carry off your comfortable? 

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    Turning schools into the OK Coral is not where I want to send my kids to learn! When the cops in Uvalde Texas - THE PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED LEGAL GUN CARRYING SECURITY FORCE - refused to confront the gunman BECAUSE HE SHOT BACK AT THEM how do you expect a teacher, who will be given the absolute minimum training to protect themselves and our kids? This is once again a massive cop out (if I may use that expression) by Republican so called leaders to find the cheapest, fastest way to deal with a big problem with less than a band aid! Why not just admit that you have no solution that doesn't involve dealing with the route causes of the problems, mental health, excess guns, limited resources for “real” social problems. How may times does it take to our Right Wing brothers to realize that the money they are getting from the NRA to stay in office is simply more blood on their hands. It’s time that theses people actually grow a pair of balls and start to do what we pay hem for – ACT ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT THEM – NOT A POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.

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    These shooters are prepared to die and most of them want to die. They want to kill as many as they can in the process. Arming teachers is not a deterent for these people and will only result in a higher volume of fire and more innocents getting shot and killed, exactly what these nuts want. The gunnman fire high volumes of high energy rounds at anything and everything that moves or through walls but to be effective these teachers must be able to identify the gunman and have a clean shot at the gunman without endangering others.  Something many trained officers have had an extreemly  hard time with and too many have failed at.

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    we need more people that are trained in the use of firearms

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    Actual facts.

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     Actual facts for the uninformed
    Which States Allow Teachers to Carry Concealed?
    An impressive 32 states allow teachers and staff to effectively protect children by carrying a firearm on campus. While it is unfortunate that not all 50 states permit this form of defense against active school shooter situations, public awareness and advocacy could continue to grow that number. The 5th annual National Train a Teacher Day is June 18, and the mission is to protect kids by training, educating and empowering teachers, staff and administrators with the hopes of influencing legislators and school boards into changing their policies.

    How Can Teachers Safely Protect Children?
    In 1999, two students walked into a high school in Littleton, Colorado, and murdered 12 students and one teacher. Ten people, including both students and teachers, were already killed and/or injured in the 3 minutes it took for the school resource officer to be alerted of the situation. In 2012, a 20-year-old walked into an elementary school in Connecticut and subsequently shot and killed 20 children and six adults. All the victims were killed and/or injured within 5 minutes. Approximately 1 minute after that shooter turned the gun on himself, police arrived on scene. In 2018, one individual walked into a Florida high school, shooting and killing 17 people and injuring others. All the victims were shot in just under 4 minutes.

    These unfortunate tragedies had one thing in common: There were no teachers or school staff equipped to defend themselves and their students against an active shooter.

    A 2014 study conducted by Eric Dietz, a Purdue professor and homeland security expert, found that “having either an armed guard or armed staff on school grounds can reduce the number of casualties in a mass shooting situation by up to 70 percent by, at the very least, slowing an attacker.” Proper training — including safe storage, active shooter scenarios and target practice — could arm teachers with the proper knowledge needed during emergency situations.

    “Time is your ally,” Dietz stated. With an uptick of school shootings, state and local governments have become proactive to curtail these atrocities by arming and training their teachers and staff for such emergencies.

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    Voted Oppose

    The last thing a teacher needs to worry about with a classroom full of students is a gun. Idiotic people who think teachers have time to keep track of a gun with everything else we expect of them.

  • 868

    We should make it Legal but not mandatory. Each teacher can decide for themselves whether they will carry. Incentives for taking the training and carrying can be offered to those who do decide to carry.