New York Names First Ambassador of Loneliness, Ruth Westheimer

Does every country need a 'Minister of Loneliness'?

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    There is an epidemic of loneliness which has been exacerbated by the pandemic! People from all walks of life are suffering and as some of you know, you can be married with children and still feel alone. There is help but sometimes it's just too hard to admit you need it, look for it or even know where to look. It is a sad state of affairs.

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    I would like to know what society will do to curb loneliness. Two people's loneliness may not be the same and thus may not be resolved similarly. People need to work less, see others more, feel safer, and be food and housing-secure to have the energy to fight loneliness. 

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    How stupid are we getting as a people. . . "Minister of Loneliness"!!

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    More and more researchers have determined there is an epidemic of loneliness in our country and possibly in the whole world. I think that this loneliness is a large source of violence, hate, political unrest, and illness. 

    I applaud New York and hope that Dr. Westheimer can start to point out the effects of loneliness on that state's citizens just as Surgeon General Murphy has said it is affecting our country.

    Good mental health and positive social interactions are essential for a functioning prosperous society.

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    If I am reading this correctly, I think this is for the elderly.  A great many are in Nursing Homes, assisted living, etc and are abandoned by their families I can see why they are lonely.


    I do feel for them, but I do not think there is anything I can do about it.  It's not like you can just walk into one of these places and ask to start talking and visiting people you do not even know!


    Our Government does not care about the elderly, nor the children-one only has to look at the broken, corrupt Foster care system in PA(SWAN-who has a vested interest in keeping the system broken because if they fix it they are not needed-and who are the most power hungry bigoted people who make up their own rules that violate the state laws and no one ever holds them accountable, and there is no one to report them to!) and the nursing home system and one can see that the young and the elderly are not on the radar.    At least, not in PA and not by the GOP.


    The GOP wants to do away with social security and any form of medical aide for the elderly.


    The PA State GOP , a few years ago on the week of Christmas , no less, voted cuts to Foster kids here.  Yes, Rep. Mike Kelly voted for that!   Talk about kicking Tiny Tim's crutches right out from underneath him!


    So, all that being said, a Minister of Lonliness seems to be a politcal staged event for a Governor who far more right wing and Republicans in her views than she is a Democrat, which she says she is....just like Simka Feldmen, Joe Manchin and Krsyten Sinema were all once Democrats in name and then voted with the GOP every inch of the way.


    It just seems like a politcal ploy to me.....and the timing of it at the Holidays makes it seem more so.



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    An important issue addressed! Let us all try to help combat it.

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    Governor Hochul's appointment of Dr. Ruth as Minister of Loneliness at age 95 is a real hoot.

    I commend Governor Hochul for spearheading efforts in New York to strengthen the mental health care system and promote age-friendly communities.

    Hopefully Hochul's executive order signed an in 2022 establishing the state's inaugural Master Plan for Aging to foster healthy and independent living for older New Yorkers is being acted upon.

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    It seems that the people most full of hate, the conservatives, don't get out and meet, much less become friends with, enough people who are different from them.

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    An epidemic!