BILL: Increase Social Security Benefits for Public Sector Workers - Social Security Fairness Act of 2023 - H.R.82

Do you support increasing Social Security benefits?

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    Deficit created GOP Republican Party !!!!! A race to the bottom, for corporate profits and greed.

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    I did several thankless jobs for the State of Florida where I never earned more than $35,000. Being a Child Abuse Investigator, Juvenile Probation Officer and licensing Nursing Homes are not glamorous and rarely rewarding positions. To now find out I am being cheated out of the benefit that I have seen on my Social Security statement yearly is a unbelieveable. I know the original legislators had good intentions, but those of us who worked in the public sector are not getting a huge amount to begin with. Please repeal these unfair laws. 

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    What about those of us out here almost bankrupted by interest rate increases, by inflated prices on almost everything we need to survive.  Millions of seniors depend on money that will meet the need of daily living.  Millions of us need to be considered too.  Many were also public servants when we worked snd contributed.  I hope you thought about us and are writing legislation for us.  Retirement is not easy street any more like it used to be.  Come live with some of us to see what is REALLY going on.



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     The new deal was started because of the Republican controlled house, senate and presidency, ran the roaring 1929's in to the ground. In the 1920's President Harding changed the tax code on the rich from 90% to 25% and by the end of the 20's we end up in a depression.  FDR  started the new deal investing in America and embracing unions. Unions brought on 40 hour

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    Everyone that pays into Sicisl Security and meets the requirements on the number of years if contributions should be eligible like everyone else to receive social security benefits.

    And since Congress is a Public Sector employer, all retirement funds should be rolled over to the Social Security Pension fund and congressional retirements should be social security and Medicare. If they participated in these programs they'd manage them better.

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    If those employees pd. into Soc. Sec. and meet the wk. quarter requirements, as well as other Soc, Sec. requirements, then they should receive their full benefits-PERIOD!!!!!

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    Mr. Reagan already hosed government employees. I had my eligiblity for Sicial Securty prior to becoming a government employee. But I retired from the government. Went back to work outside the government. Worked for another 11 years. When I talked with Social Securty person, they gave me an estimate, but when I told her I was CRCS, her reply was "your screwed". Yes, if you paid in and qualify, you should receive it all. No matter where you were employed prior or afterwards. 

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    Thank you!  I've been an educator over 27 years, but have worked other jobs, as well. I have enough credits to collect social security, however my benefits will be severely reduced because of my career path. I support this bill, as it is fair. 

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    There's no reason that public sector workers should receive less in Social Security benefits than other Americans, so I can support this.

    Social Security is NOT enough, and nobody should be relying it for all their income in their senior years, but it should be distributed fairly and equally to all citizens who pay into it and qualify for this income.