BILL: Should We Reduce Online Privacy in Fight Against Child Abuse? - EARN IT Act of 2023 - S.1207

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    I will always err on the side of protecting children...always! However, this begins with parents monitoring their children's activities both on and offline and internet providers offering parental controls that ensure protection for kids online. 

    Warrants should be sufficient to forensically investigate technology of those implicated in child pornography/sex trafficking. I would like to see this extend to encrypted data, dark web, and website back doors for those being investigated in these cases specifically, and any other cases involving violence/homicide.


    I don't fully support this bill ass written, however I believe it can be tweaked to give victims full protection and an investigation that is thorough. Humans who intentionally hurt others, most especially hurt children, should not have ANY right to privacy. 

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    No indoctrination PERIOD... The government does own our kids and is WAY OVERSTEPPING who the hell do they think they are.  

    We TELL you what to do, not the other way around - America First! Morals first, Energy independence first, Family first, Government last and we tell you what to do.. 

    GOP you are failing and the assanine Debt bill is proof.  Grow some cojones and start doing and stop just talking. 


    Trump 2024, BTW all documents on Biden Obama Clinton corruption should be public and let the prosecutions begin. 

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    It is the parents responsibility to moniter their children on-line.  If they permit abuse, physical, mental or sexual, they are the ones who should be punished.  At the same time any social media company that allows such behavior should have to pay for any and all damages as well.  Our chikdren are our future and we need them to be well educated with healthy mental, emotional, and physical traits.  We must have a care for future generations.  No questions asked.  This is a bill that needs to be "fine tuned" before putting it befor both sides of congress.

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    Sponsored by Lindsey Graham. 

     Does he want to give his name and credit card info before he accesses sites for Rent Boys? Pornhub? 

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    I cannot come up with a scheme that does not give up the Right to Privacy. Leaving us only with totally local solutions that parents must set up, and monitor.

    This is what they already need to be doing.

    OPPOSE S1207

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    DeSantis said "let kids be kids", except for transgender or LGBTQ? What interests is that before the 60's electric shock therapy was used on your brain, sometimes you lived, if you did, you were really ended screw up!

    What you are physically on the outside can be totally different on the inside and there is no way you can change that!

    Only arrogant people think they can change others.

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    Any action that will help safeguard children from any form of abuse needs to be taken-PERIOD!!!!!!

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    Bipartisan Legislation supported by more than 150 groups, survivors, and stakeholders, including NCMEC, Rights4Girls, and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation support protecting children from predators.


    The only opposition seems to be tech firms as they are losing their immunity from prosecution over the content their systems are used for, as well as network security experts over removing end-to-end security encryption from tech firms.

    Both are concerns that tech firms can solve some other way though it will require companies to come up with solutions they don’t currently have. 

    For instance end-to-end encryption could be used in government and corporate security, law enforcement, military, etc, but not applications for general users.

    “We should make sure that end-to-end encryption is available and used in appropriate national security and critical infrastructure affecting systems, but allow for social media systems to prioritize public safety,” said Mark Montgomery, senior director of the Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “

    ““While end-to-end encryption is generally a good thing, law enforcement has always needed — and in most cases had — a way to investigate suspected criminal activity,” said Sam Visner, a technical fellow at the MITRE Corp. “

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    I support protecting children online, but am not sure how much privacy we should give up. 

    This seems like the "personal responsibility" that Republicans are always ranting about when it comes to sexual activity. 

    If parents aren't capable of protecting their children from the dangers online, then why should the rest of us sacrifice for them? 

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    I am all in favor of protecting all children. As Brian says, how far should we enter into ALL persons privacy? With both parents working to eek out a living, it is extremely difficult to monitor young kids internet usage. Parental controls could be on your computer internet, but what about kids whose parents are to busy to monitor or even sometimes care. It seems to be with anything Congress tries to intervene with, whether internet usage, cell phone, drugs, or guns. It take a village to help raise a child, and those are far and few between.