BILL: Ban Assault Weapons? - Assault Weapons Ban of 2023 - S.25

Are we doing enough to address gun violence?

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    Under the 1994 assault weapons ban mass shooting decreased until it expired and then they increased.

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    Didn't know which question to answer.

    No, we're not doing enough.

    Yes, I support an assault weapons ban.


    The only thing all these mass murders have in common is guns. Stop the guns.

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    This is confusing. Should we ban assault weapons? Yes. Are we doing enough? No.

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    Assault weapons need to be banned, and no one should own one.

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    Okay @Causes. This was tricky. Which question am I answering. Should we ban assault weapons? (Yes!) Or is it Are we doing enough? (No) You can't ask two questions on the same poll that are opposing views. What the hell?

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    After listening to the tragic Uvalde review this morning on NPR. I was totally unaware police officers flack vest can not fend off an AR rifle bullet. The only officers with vest that can help some what was the SWAT Team who was over an hour away. Two officers were shot attempting to get the shooter. That changes my whole opinion of the AR rifle and large magazines. I am just not sure if the Ban on AR style rifles and large magazines would help. Or would it be a run on those rifles and magazines. It amazes me how companies can see the harm their products are doing. But the $$ means more than innocent lives of children and regular folks. Big business is running America. Our politicians are afraid of losing their positions in office, if they speak out. This is very similar to the tobacco industry a few years ago. Only now they make their money off countries other the United States. Sad isn't it, and we have so many frozen into the belief, they need these weapons. 

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    Not a total ban but make it more difficult to get one, require training, and raise the age for getting one to 21 years old.

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    Yesterday at 6:40 PM

    This legislation is unconstitutional, useless, and dangerous, and should be voted down in every form.

    The Bill of Rights and many other documents which are foundational to our system of government all defend our rights as United States citizens to own and maintain arms which are practical and capable of defending our homes, state, and nation against any threats. Individual ownership of arms was not considered something to be penalized, but rather encouraged. The contemporary definition of "arms" included not only a military-grade firearm, but also a bayonet or similar device, basic standard military equipment, and a supply of ammunition. Hunting was so ubiquitous that there was no concern over specifying any protection for weapons used specifically for hunting. The weapons protected by these founding documents went above and beyond hunting or sport. The architects of our system of government wanted to ensure we were capable of defeating external threats to our safety, and any would-be tyrants which may try to corrupt and exploit our government to assert their authority over our nation.

    This legislation is useless because it perpetuates prejudicial terms, ambiguous definitions, and arbitrary designations. Most of the firearm features specifically identified as particularly dangerous are merely designs intended to make using the firearm safer. Folding stocks, foregrips, threaded barrels, and even increased weight are a few of the components which are designed to make firearms manageable, quieter, and safer to use. Restricting these features will actually make firearms more unsafe.

    Finally, this legislation is dangerous because it explicitly reserves the right of the government to use any and all types of weapons while denying citizens that ability. Recent events and past history provide countless occasions where the government has unjustly used deadly force on American citizens. The National Guard, which was recently used to barricade the Capitol in a show of force and intimidation, has also bayoneted, gassed, and shot college students at Kent State University. The FBI and ATF have a long history of unnecessarily provoking and escalating confrontations and using excessive deadly force both before and after Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    During World War II, an official presidential executive order was used to evict Japanese-American citizens from the entire territory of Alaska, and Census Bureau records were used to forcibly evict Japanese-American citizens from their homes around the rest of the country. The military then forcibly incarcerated them in camps run by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and Border Patrol, under the authority of the Department of Justice.

    Not to mention the production of the Fugitive Slave Act, the Dredd Scott decision, or the countless times the government disarmed, mistreated, evicted, and incarcerated Native Americans.


    Yes, gun violence is tragic. Careful examination of societal trends will point to many cultural changes responsible for an exponential increase in violence.

    The solution is not to discard our constitutional rights and give the government a monopoly on deadly force. Being shot at college by the government is not better than being shot at school by a classmate.

    We need to seek solutions which promote our right to a peaceful life while also respecting our right to defend that life and that peace.

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    last Wednesday

    There is no such thing as gun violence. However, we do have a problem with violent criminals. I'm tired of the politically motivated rhetoric. Get tough on criminals and stop attacking the rights of law-abiding citizens. 

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    last Tuesday

    The amount of guns in this country is ridiculous! And to think that the deaths resulting from gun violence have nothing to do with guns is just flawed thinking. So many lawmakers say the guns aren't the problem, that the mental health of the shooter is the problem, but do you vote for more money to increase mental health access? No. Do you close loopholes so those with mental health problems can't buy guns? No. Do you regulate the type of ammunition that can be purchased? No. Do you make background checks tougher & require a response to complete the sale? No. What have you done to curb the violence? Nothing. We the people don't need thoughts and prayers, we need action.



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    last Sunday

    No one needs assault style weapons. Ban them now! The right of our children to be safe in school outweighs any other imagined 'right.'

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    There is literally no reason why people should have assault weapons. They are made for war and war only.

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    We need to do something to control the firearms that use supersonic ammunition! This high speed, high energy ammunition causes unbelievable damage to humans! It was developed for urban warfare and has no place for home defense or hunting! 
     I see this ammo on sale next to checkouts and wonder where this ammunition is going and who it's going to hurt severely! 

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    Hoven and Cramer,

    If you're so hell bent on saving lives (abortion),  ban assault weapons, put in place better background checks, stop taking money from the NRA!

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    Raise the age limit for purchasing a gun and ban assault weapons.

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    our government wants the little people of america dead!!! otherwise this issue would already have been handled. bug money, power & control exists among the guns. Anetucan Horror Stories 101!!! no hope 

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    "Assault weapon" is a made up term to scare ignorant people who know nothing about guns into giving up their rights.

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    If you vote against laws designed to safeguard our children then you're just a horrible person who should be voted out as soon as possible. Republicans are the party of hatred and death and the Democrats are the party of wimps. When will our government start representing us instead of catering to the rich? Our country's history for over 400 years has been about representing the corrupt powerful few who own everything. Just study slavery, colonialism, and the gilded age and you'll understand. I could go and on about the evils perpetrated against native peoples of this country. When will we get rid of this garbage??

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    Do more, make more noise, run a campaign on the statistics and who supports the NRA everyday until there is so much public outcry these weapons of mass destruction are removed entirely from public sale and collected from private ownership. The foolishness that led to this epidemic must stop.

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    Most people want this. 

    So much for being "represented"! 

    NRA: (wink, wink)

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    The Republicans and their rich owners want anarchy and chaos, desperation, gluttany, fear, hatred, ignorance and propaganda because it's what the rich want. The rich declared war on the working class and poor class and we know they belong in jail, the entire lot of the rich and their corporations that do crimes under the name of the organization who is their mascot which takes the guilt yet pays a small fee at times for extremely offensive abuses that kill Americans. The rich are too rich and as pre-warned by the founders the rich would always need to be watched and voted against because all they plan to do is buy our representatives in congress, the senate, the Supreme Court and the presidency to fleece our economy and create a police state. They're terrorists all right and they need to be put in jail for supporting former president Trump's big lie! He's a traitor! Get me our justice. You know what I tell you that God is going to punish you unless you make aware to all Americans that the Republican party has one goal, of the rich by the rich and for the rich. They want to undo every last thing FDR did for the people of America. They want to take us to the days of Hitler and American neonazi, authoritarian, Oligarchy, anarchy and chaos ultimately as well as the final genocide. So we sit by and watch our call em out and smash em! We smash! #WeSmash 

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    It's time that Congress legislate based on the constituent majority view-  PRIORITIZE THE LIVES OF INNOCENTS OVER GUN OWNERSHIP! 

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    Gun control manages guns not people. No reason for ordinary citizens to own high-capacity firearms and magazines, bump stocks, and any military-grade weaponry. One bullet kills just as easily as a hundred.

    Second Amendment calls for well-armed MILITIA--NOT well-armed private citizens. I shouldn't have to be afraid to walk out my front door; given random drive-by shootings in a presumedly "safe" neighborhood (BTNA) where my husband and I have resided for 40 years, such safety is now a luxury. MY right to "the pursuit of happiness" has been violated due to others' gun-crazed actions. 

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    There is no reason for a citizen to own or be flouting an automatic weapon. These weapons were made for one purpose: to kill many people quickly with few developed skills. If anyone says they hunt with an automatic weapon, please take their hunting and driver's licenses because they have no sense of responsibility. 

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    Congress won't even pass common sense laws to try and stem the violence.  How those who refuse to do anything because they rely on the monies from the NRA (which I read somewhere doen 't even have to pay taxes?  Is that true? If so, BS on that.) and the votes from Donald's rabid minions can time after horrific time offer "thoughts and prayers " to parents who sent their child to school and later had to identify them by their tennis shoes because they were blown in half or no longer had a face, is beyond me.  Congress should be made to see the damage that  has been done to these little ones because seeing people weep on TV and seeing the memorials and candle vigils is not even makeing a dent.

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    You are still putting the GUN LOBBY ahead of the lives of children? And adults? and EVEN POLICE???
    Get off your butts and DO WHAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS WANT... a BAN on ASSAULT WEAPONS... background checks...and even RED FLAG laws.
    Instead of putting all your energy into retaining power and defeating Democrats. Doing that WILL NOT help the Americans that put you in office.
    Ya'll get an F grade from the public for actually doing the job you were sent to do... Make America the Best Place to Live

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    We are doing all we can without discriminating against the people who commit a majority of the gun crimes and shootings. 

    Taking guns from the mentally ill and using red flag laws to remove guns from violent offenders, gangs, and drug dealers would result in discrimination both sexual and racial