Italy Bans ChatGPT, Raising Concerns About AI Writing Tools

ChatGPT: A boon or a bane for society?

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    Countries have a right to determine the privacy, safety & national security requirements for their countries. Tech seems to go off and develop products based n their own requirements and then rush to release them. They don't seem to take into account any country requirements unlike biopharma that has to develop based on country requirements and then get approval to market in that country.

    As for ChatGPT, I've used it, and not certain how I would use it. From what I've seen of it's output I'm not sure I would as I prefer to do my own queries, analysis and summaries. Looking at the output I've seen I can't see the sources of the data, how it was analyzed or what the conclusions are. Very high possibility it's misinformation given the amount that exists on the internet that the algorithms access.

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    I'm not against AI, but I think this product was rolled out too soon and too quickly to be sure it's accurate and can't be used for ill intentions. It seems our society still doesn't have a clear plan for dealing with misinformation, cyberterrorism, and deepfakes, and now we're going to let AI tell us what to write or say without vetting its accuracy? 

    I think we need an international council of experts from a variety of fields to sit down and define guidelines for where AI can be responsibly used, what is off limits, and who will regulate when there are problems or abuses (there will be).

    Italy is making the right decision here, and I hope our leaders will follow suit.

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    I, and most tech leaders who don't have a dog in this hunt, all believe it was rolled out too soon. 

    And to a point mostly I'm against ai. Personally, I'm against all of it. It's a genie one can't put back in the bottle. If it's allowed to exist, the most important part to be built in are the guardrails, but even then I don't think humans can anticipate everything a computer does. Humans are fallible, ai learning from itself will not be. And it's learning from itself, in a very short time it will be able to out think humans. There has been news stories that tech engineers have already seen them become sentient. There's no upside to this "shiny new toy" people find entertaining.