Thirty-Nine Migrants Die in Fire At Mexican Detention Center as Border Crisis Worsens

Should the U.S. deny asylum to anyone "circumventing" legal pathways? COMMENT NOW on Biden's proposed rule

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    Zelda W

    No Amesty. They say it's wrong or racist to send illegal aliens back to their mother land because they do not know their country. Illegal aliens did do not know anything about the USA either and that did not stop them from coming to this Country. We can only absorb so much before collapse is imminent.💥 Illegal aliens lie and say they are running from violence persecution and the like. Lawyers and others tell them what to say and how to lie their way into our Country if they're not caught. GOD said Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not kill and Thou shalt not covet. "Coveting" the American Dream.💥The USA isn't the employer or provider for another country's citizens.💥Start making those other countries step up to the plate and keep and take care of their own citizens. Goverments are suppose to take care of their own citizens.💥Illegal aliens do not Respect and they have not Pledged their Allegiance to our Country USA. They force themselves on us, they do not conform to the USA, but they want us to conform to them💥 Fact is we cannot support all the people in the world. The more that people come into this country illegally and are rewarded for it, the more others will want to do the same. This will put a huge financial strain on our country and could lead to economic collapse in which far more suffering will occur. Now, if people say that we are morally obligated to help others, then they must also consider the fact that our Citizens here in the United States also need to be helped first. We cannot do that by increasing the number of illegals who come into the country, give them housing, put them on welfare, provide housing (they steal, buy or use fake SSN to buy houses), provide drivers licenses for them to take our jobs, taking our children educations from them, and have the hard-working Americans support them. Again, if this is what we do, the influx of people in this country illegally will never stop. If anything, it will increase and contribute to economic collapse. Border security is a way to care for the welfare of the Citizens, including those immigrating legally.

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    The irony is that any time some idiot says "Biden has the borders wide open," it actually inspires more people to try to come here. If Republicans truly wanted to end this crisis, they should be bragging about how many people have been stopped at the border.
    (The border is not open, btw, and if you don't believe me, try entering the country from Mexico without your passport.)

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    yes!!! its the human thing to do...and I don't care about lines drawn on maps by the ruling class. boarders are violence.

    this is like asking if you should save a drowning child? and the reply from right wingers and neolibs alike is '' but my shoes will get wet.''

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    When in the hell is our divided congress going to "get a grip" on this situation and come up with a reasonable solution?  This pitting each political party against each other must come to a damn stop.  Some members from BOTH side are too busy pointing the finger at the other as to responsibility or lack of.  Such behavior does nothing more than show a lust for power and control, greed, and encouraging a division amongst the population.  It all boils down to power and money.  AND it doesn't just mean our own country, but every country in the world.  We are allowing government and religion to "destroy us from within".  Which reminds me of a statement from a former USSR commisar hile pounding his shoe on the table.  Incase you're not old enough, his name was Nikita Kruschiv (sp).  Even as a child myself, I thought the action was childish and a strong sign of immaturity.  Looks like the threat he offered is finally coming into play.  We really have to start electing officials who will work for the good of the entire population and not just a select few of the privileged sect.

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    Nobody should be  allowed into the country without being properly vetted. I see no problem with turning way any person, man or woman, individual or family that tries to enter illegally.nor do I think we should allow anybody with a criminal background.  I am not in favor of a wall as a wall can be beaten and it will impede the free movement of wildlife. We need technology and officers guarding our borders. 

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    Here is a silly thought and just my thinking....

    You no all the billions we have sent over to Ukraine, how about using it for the border. Bulid the wall, hire more border patrol agents, etc, etc.

    Why cant we use that money to protect and control OUR border.

    And stating "our border" I mean protecting the national secuirty interest of these United States of America.

    Which is the number one job for any President.

    That includes Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, and so on and so on.

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    This is horrible, and sadly shows another reason why migrants should not be held in detention centers, on either side of the border.

    Causes asked several questions here (again), which confuses the issue.

    I do not support "remain in Mexico" because of incidents like this. We can't help these migrants because they weren't in our country. 

    I think anybody who seeks asylum has a right to be heard based on international law. I would support non-criminal consequences for people who cross away from established border crossings, but I still think they have a right to be heard by an immigration judge to determine whether they qualify for asylum. Sending them back without a hearing violates the law and is cruel. 

    When will Congress stand up for humanity and pass legislation to fund the system and help process all these migrants instead of just locking them up or turning them away?

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    WOW!! The rehtoric from the left is mind boggling. THe wall should be built, and also add more border guards and technology. Most of the illegals are coing up from South America, Nicuragua, Honduros, and other South countries. The international law for claiming asylum is that an assylum seeker be opressed by thier government, religious persecution, etc... and then they MUST claim assylum at the first country they come to which would be at least, Mexico., if not Honduros. If they do not claim at those borders then they cannot claim assylum in any other country. So all of you idiots that promote the take over of this country, need to research the laws on assylum. In the US, most of the major cities are run down and people living there are facing the same conditions as the sl called assylum seekers at the border. So, where do the oppressed and poor go form those cities? Do they go to Canada?? All of you fools need to use your brains. This is not a democrat or Republican thing. Even though the nasty news media tells you that, it is not. It is a national security issue, a financial fiscal issue, as all of those so called assylum seekers get free housing, food, education, medical, etc... veterans who fought for this country don't get free anything. Even the poorest of our population don't get all of that free stuff.

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    Most of you are just using this tragedy as an excuse to promote open borders.  If we were to let everyone in, what would be your plan?  How will you deal with the resource crisis that would result?  None of you seem to care about the impact on our existing citizens.  Do any of you live in border areas?  As you can imagine, they have pretty strong opinions on the subject.  I'm all for helping these people in some way (preferably by helping to fix the problems in the countries from which they came), but you need to be practical about it.

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    Question:  Who the hell started the rumors in the first place?  Sounds fishy to me as if someone is "stirring the pot" to cause more problems.  I can't believe how so many people get worked up over the "smoke and mirrors" being encouraged.  Come in through the proper channels or stay home and take the risk of making changes there.  If enough drops of water is put into a bucket, the bucket will eventually overflow.  Be a "drop of water".  Fighting and dying for what you believe in is more honorable than living in fear and poverty.  Another old saying:  "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see."  Even appearances can be decieving.  Blessings to all.

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    We have the right to protect our borders. These people want the immigrants because they are going to vote for them. I don't support this open for all. It's funny the same people who are talking about Norway and the other countries that we should be like. I hate to say this but they don't accept the burden of immigrants. We should make some services available after they get their citizenship!

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    I went back and re-read this so I could have a better understanding of the situation.  Seems as if money is being exchanged to get these illegals into our country.  Evidently, it is nothing more than profiteering off the troubles of others.  This activity should be fully investigated to find out who is responsible.  It is said to "follow the money" to the source.  Sounds like a good reason to raise the taxes on the wealthiest and reduce their tax shelters.  Strangely, this would also have a positive effect on the nation's budget.  Wouldn't surprise me if the GOP was behind all of this BS.  Not saying they are, but it is a possibility.

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    The Crisis is not at our border.  

    The real crisis is in Central America.  And that crisis is driving people to flee their homes and risk their lives to find a safer place.  

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    I have an idea!  Let all the Immigrants in and deport the entire GOP!

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    Since the MAGAS and GOP are SO concerned with 'Helping The Children' I am not sure why this is even a question.


    Of course, it's never been about 'the children', as we can see via Idaho, Ioawa and the like.




    How do you turn innocent children whom are fleeing from atrocoties?


    Anyone who disagrees with helping them should be forced to make a Game of Thrones 'Walk of Shame' while bells are rung and SHAME is chanted!

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    It is shameful that we are allowing illegal immigrants access to our country. Plus getting benefits that many of our fellow citizens do not get. It is time to stop this.

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    In 62 years 1892-1954 13 Million people many our great grandparents, immigrated LEGALLY at Ellis Island. In just 2 years of Biden/Mayorkas OVER 5 MILLION immigrants have ILLEGALLY crossed the border without even health checks they did back in 1892.

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    Someone wrote:
    "We need to provide more resources to process  claims faster at all points of entry. This would allow people to use the FRONT door rather than the BACKdoor!"
    It's best to keep in mind that there are many who want to keep all doors tightly closed. 

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    we create most of the worlds refugees through our own policies overseas. sanctions hurt people, economic exploitation of developing nations creates refugees. we have a moral duty to welcom them.

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    I have read  the Biden Administration's immigration plan it seems to secure the boarder, while allowing immigration/asylum that is safer and more humane and is in coordination with other western countries to improve safety for immigrants and asylum seekers.

    I would also recommend that cities across the US share in the support of immigrants and asylum seekers. That a system be developed that removes the  burden from cities on the southern border and allows immigrants and asylum seekers to wait in other US cities with sponsors or family.