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Whistleblower Alleges Trump Administration Ignored Coronavirus Warnings
by Axios
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  • Loretta
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    The right is pro-prenatal life and have been for a long time. They have never cared at all about life after birth, which should be apparent by their continued attacks on the ACA and social safety nets such as SNAP, Medicaid and case assistance AKA welfare. Those who really care about life actually concern themselves with the welfare of living beings who breathe air, not parasitic creatures unable to survive on their own. How many living people have to be sacrificed on the altar of Trump’s reelection before the Republicans actually do something? Sadly, I fear that there will be tens of thousands more of our fellow citizens dead before anyone on the right will do anything that Trump disagrees with. Even now, as we watch Republican governors whose states haven’t yet met the 14 days of fewer cases metric undo mitigation effforts without testing and contact tracing in place that the White House claimed were necessary before considering ‘opening up’, Trump keeps pushing more because he only cares about being reelected. We should stop referring to the right using the term pro-life. What they are is anti-reproductive healthcare, anti-woman, anti-child, anti-science, and anti-government. Instead, we should be referring to them as pro-donor, pro-corporate, pro-bank, pro-xenophobic, pro-racist, and pro-the 0.1%.

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