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Video Advocacy for the First Time


Direct advocacy has become archaic and impersonal. It no longer speaks to an entire generation of Americans, because it hasn’t kept pace with technological advancement. The modern American is increasingly on her / his cell phone, and that’s exactly where our advocacy should be as well.

Video Advocacy

That’s why Causes has built the first-ever video advocacy platform. It enables your supporters to send personalized video messages to each of their lawmakers, and receive verification once the messages are watched. It’s advocacy brought to the twenty-first century.

How the Videos Work

Video advocacy is accessed via Causes’ cost-free iOS and Android apps. This enables your supporters to take advantage of the built-in cameras already in their smartphones, and piggyback off of their familiarity with “selfies”. Supporters are given 30 seconds during which to record their video, with clear calls-to-action and directions guiding the way. It’s intuitive and quick, eliminating cognitive drag and lowering barriers to entry.

Are the Videos Viewable?

Lawmakers receive an email that links to each video message. After following the link, lawmakers are prompted to view the video and subsequently respond to the constituent. Causes tracks each time a video is viewed, and for exactly how long the message was watched. Causes then reports this data back to your organization, so that you and your supporters can hold your lawmakers accountable.