World AIDS Day 2011

It's nearly that time of the year again and we need your support more than ever. Figures released today shows one in 20 gay men now have HIV. Share this cause and let's get the Count Me In message out to as many as possible. Thanks for all your support so…Read More

1,500 and counting!

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607 people like Count Me In - have you?

Hello CountMeIners We are delighted to say due to high demand we've had to expand Count Me In. Last month Count Me In launched its own website - We have also launched our own Facebook page -…Read More

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Join the national Count Me In HIV prevention campaign on Facebook. 'Like' it here:

Count Me In goes National Hi everyone, the 'Count Me In' campaign is about to get even bigger as we roll it out nationally. We can't say too much now but we have our own brand new 'Count Me In' Facebook page. You can…Read More
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