Public input for the public libaries

So, the library initiative didn't pass. That means 2.5 million dollars have to be cut from the budget. We know you love the library, and that's why we're asking for your input during the whole month of March. There are four ways to give input: 1) Attend a…Read More

The votes are in and they say "No Library"

It's a sad day for libraries. Our Yes Library vote got a "NO" last night by about 55%. We're looking at the silver lining: 45% of voters do support their libraries -- even in times of economic hardship -- and that is something to be thankful for. So, we're…Read More

Just hours left to vote Yes! Library

In our last hours of the vote, please take a moment to show your support by changing your status to show your voting enthusiasm. Try these on for size: "I helped rock the Yes! Library vote." "I vote AND I love libraries!" "I voted Yes! Library today." "Proud…Read More

Join us on February 3rd!

From all of us at Yes! Library, "Thank you!" for your support during this campaign. As of writing this, there are 838 of you on Facebook alone, and thousands more in that off-line world on the streets, in the homes, businesses and of course in the libraries…Read More

Get out the Yes! Library vote

Know of anyone who hasn't voted Yes! Library yet? Ballots are due by 8pm on February 3rd. Help your friends fill out their ballots with a vote to support the library. Every vote counts! Early election return numbers: • There are 256,356 registered voters in…Read More

The Children's Crusade... Tomorrow!

Library advocate Julie Montgomery will be spearheading a Children's Crusade for Yes! Library tomorrow afternoon (Monday, January 26). The Olympia Library meeting room is booked from 2:30 to 4:30pm so that kids (and creative adults) can make their own signs to…Read More

For the price of two books, the whole community reads.

You should already have your ballot for the Feb. 3rd Special Election for the Timberland Regional Library District tax levy. We at Yes! Library know that YOU are already in support. We still need your help to spread the word. Many voters don't even know…Read More
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