World Wide Open VIDEO-"Transparency"

First the flannel board, now the transparency. Video 2 of 3 in our series titled: "Tools that Revolutionized the Church." Watch it at our cause: Or On youtube:…Read More

You: "What is WWO?" New VIDEO: "Glad you asked..."

What is World Wide Open? What should I do now? STEP 1: Watch the videos we just uploaded on the cause under “media” or go here: STEP 2: Sign up for an account on WWO (It takes 2 minutes, 43 seconds),…Read More


Screenshots: Check them out below on the "Media Board." Future: Classic WWO videos coming soon...

Joined the WWO Cause... now what?

Thanks for joining the WWO Cause! We are excited to have your support on Facebook. Please keep inviting your friends. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we want you to CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON WORLD WIDE OPEN (if you haven’t already). You can fill your service portfolio, find…Read More

What If?

World Wide Open is committed to connecting and empowering Christians to make a radical impact, individually and collectively, in their local and global communities, and we like to deal in “What Ifs” and, also, “If Thens”. Let us explain. Once someone dreams a…Read More

World Wide Open Beta!

Sign Up for World Wide Open Beta and help us get the word out to the rest of the Church!

Beta Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of World Wide Open Beta! We have been hard at work creating a platform to help connect the local and global Church so that we can share our God-given knowledge, resources and experience in order to make a more effective…Read More
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