Billy's Birthday Wish

I stopped celebrating my birthday (15th March) some time ago in any real sense, but the day comes around every year regardless. Rather than sending a card or present, this year I'd like you to help me help others. I was elected as Chair of United Against…Read More

Reminder : Supreme Court hearing on access to evidence post conviction

R (on the application of Nunn) (Appellant) v Chief Constable of Suffolk Constabulary and another (Respondents) UK Supreme Court, Hearing Scheduled to take one day starting at 10:30 on 13th March in court 2. You can register your support and interest…Read More

Miscarriage of Justice Day 2014 to be held in Liverpool

At the United Against Injustice's AGM, it was decided that this year's Miscarriage of Justice Day meeting, which falls on the Saturday 11th October, will be held in Liverpool. The venue and finer details are yet to be confirmed but please set aside that date…Read More

Innocent Prisoners’ Rights to Evidence Held by the State

If you or someone you care about is wrongly convicted, maintaining innocence, but finding it hard to have that conviction overturned, it may be that there is evidence which could help your cause but you are being denied it. If you're in that position and can…Read More

How Jeffrey Havard's case is a lesson to us all against the Death Penalty

The following is a note posted on Jeffrey Havard's facebook group by an attorney connected with his case - Jen Fitzgerald. It demonstrates quite clearly how as with most justice systems around the world, their priority is in protecting the publics perceptions…Read More

Video bid to clear ex-soldier convicted of Orkney murder

A FAMILY video is at the heart of a new bid to overturn the conviction of a former soldier found guilty of one of Scotland’s most notorious murders. Black Watch veteran Michael Ross is serving a life sentence for shooting waiter Shamsuddin Mahmood, at an…Read More

Susan May Memorial Service

You will probably have heard the sad news of the death of Susan May, on 30 October. The funeral will be private, for her family only, so a Memorial Service will be held next Saturday, 16 November, at 3.00pm, at the Bethesda Chapel, on the corner of Dogford…Read More
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