Worldguy is walking North from Miami, and is currently near Port St. Lucie: http://goo.gl/quTi0 Please say hello if you see him!

Erik (a.k.a. WorldGuy) is walking the North East

Hi all, Erik (a.k.a. WorldGuy) started from Washington, D.C. and is walking the north eastern united states. Just thouht you should know he back on his trek!

Kansas City!

Hi Folks, Just wanted to let you know Erik (the WorldGuy) stepped into the Kansas City, MO city limits today reaching his initial goal! This trek has taken him over 500 miles on foot with his pack and Nice (the dog) in tow and "the world"' before him. There…Read More

Photos, notes, and comments welcome.

Hi folks. I'm helping Erik (Worldguy) manage the cause and the worldguy.org site. If you have any photos, stories, or comments, please feel free to post them. "Worldguy" had made it over 350 miles so far via back roads America. Pretty…Read More

350 miles: Where's Worldguy 2009-07-07, 3:30 CST

As of 2009-07-07, 3:30 CST , Worldguy has pushed the world approximately 350 miles for diabetes awareness. Here's a link to his current location: http://bit.ly/4Fi86 Worldguy (Erik Bendl) is well into Missouri on his trek to Kansas City.

"Friend" Erik Bendl to follow his progress

If you'd like to follow what's going on with WorldGuy's Walk for Diabetes Awareness - 2009, you can "friend" Erik Bendl to get live posts directly from his cell phone. He crossed over the Mississippi river into St. Louis, Missouri today, and spoke with a…Read More

RSS feed

Hi folks, For those of you with RSS mojo, the link to the worldguy RSS feed is: http://worldguy.org/rss.xml Or you can also use: http://feeds.feedburner.com/worldguy
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