Three reasons why drug use among youth matters Share

1. Most people start to use drugs during their youth and it is among young people that drug prevention activities are best targeted. 2. Trends in the use of illicit drugs among young people may indicate shifts in drug markets, since young people usually…Read More

August 12 is International Youth Day

As the world prepares to mark International Youth Day, UNODC calls on young people to get involved in the fight against illicit drugs. Their health and future are at stake. Using drugs at an early age has been linked to negative health and social outcomes in…Read More

Today is World Drug Day!

World Drug Day, which falls on 26 June, is marked around the world with a campaign and a series of events aimed at raising awareness about the negative impact illicit drugs has on society and on young people in particular. This year, UNODC and its partners…Read More
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