Working Artists Produces Benefit for Non-Profit p:ear - a powerful program for homeless youth

 rdEVOLUTION, an ongoing arts project exploring man's effect and responsibility on inter-species survival on our planet, offers it's newest installment, "Story and Interpretation" under the banner of the Fertile Ground Festival in Portland Oregon. This…Read More

Plz Read: LAST MINUTE GIFT - FREE Workshop - just for WAN Cause Supporters

Sun 8/30 | Old School/New Skool Marketing & Sales | 9:30 a to 3:30 p. | Portland OR FREE for Artists and Creatives - THIS Sunday’s $125 Business Momentum Workshop is yours to attend for $0! Details on the workshop are here:…Read More


QUICK POLL: How many of you out there think of yourself and a self employed artist? How many would LIKE to think about yourself as a self employed artist? And who out there runs an arts-based business (studios, therapeutic arts programs, etc.) as a for-profit…Read More

Today in Portland OR - Artists Have a Chat with Their Mayor

Hey Folks ~ If you're in Portland OR today at 2 p.m. we begin a discussion with the Mayor about the city's budget and policies as they relate to independently employed artists. Although it's too late to register on our Eventbrite registration page, you are…Read More


DEAR PDX & AREA ARTISTS - tell me what are your BIGGEST frustrations and needs? And I mean YOU PERSONALLY, not a generalization of "what's wrong" with artists' lives in general. I WANT SPECIFICS to prepare for our event with Mayor Adams on Sunday...…Read More

New issues of "The Artist Entrepreneur" are out!

Working Artists Network's current issues of "The Artist Entrepreneur" are now available online - just follow the attached links. The first issue sports "how-to" articles for working artists, and may be found here: The second…Read More

IT'S A PARTY!! And You're Invited! Working Artists Celebrates 5 Years and Counting!!!

Hey All ~ PLEASE JOIN US! Sunday's the day for our POTLUCK FOOD & ARTS party to celebrate the fact that Working Artists has made it to being 5 years old and is now pushing 6!!! The time just FLEW by...and the ride has been non-stop and every bit the…Read More
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