We need your help!

We are trying to spread the news about Matthew 25 and all of the work that is done to help people in the United States and around the world. Did you know that Matthew 25 helps over 12,000,000 people a year? We are asking you to please invite friends to join…Read More

Really Good Things Come in Really Big Packages

As a Facebook Cause, we have the opportunity to effect real change this holiday season. If every member of Will Work to End Poverty gives just $15, we will raise enough money to ship a semi-truck container of humanitarian aid to the desperately poor. With…Read More

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav hit the Louisiana coast on Monday, landing southwest of New Orleans. Its strong winds and heavy rain left tens of thousands without power in New Orleans and other low-lying parishes. The storm has now downgraded to a tropical depression…Read More

U.N. Food Summit

At a three-day food summit in Rome, the U.N. is addressing the urgent food crisis, which is leading to widened malnutrition and civil unrest throughout the world. The price of basic foodstuffs have increased 83 percent in the past three years, largely due to…Read More

Food Crisis

Food costs are soaring, and this increase in price is hitting developing countries with a giant force. With the high cost of oil, increased food demands, use of bio-fuels, and low global food stock, the costs of staple food items like wheat, maize, and rice…Read More

Myanmar Disaster Relief

Cyclone Nargis tore through Myanmar (Burma) last weekend, leaving unfathomable destruction in its path. Myanmar's state media said the cyclone has resulted in 22,980 fatalities with 42,119 still missing. A top U.S. diplomat in the country warned that the…Read More

Congratulations Spencer Hidy!!

We are pleased to announce Spencer Hidy as the winner of our Race to Raise Awareness. Spencer recruited 37 friends to Will Work to End Poverty between March 12 and March 31. Thank you everyone who participated. Together we can make a difference in the lives…Read More
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