24 Hours Left on Widow's Might Collectors Bundle Sale!

Adam McManus and HeuMoore Productions partner to present the Widow's Might collector's bundle! Watch a video introduction and view some samples of the products: http://www.widowsmightthemovie.com/store/collectors.php This never before offered bundle…Read More

Our Newest Movie!

Alright everyone, we know you supported us in the past. We know you believe in The Widow's Might, and we know you believe in what HeuMoore Productions is continuing to do. And we ask that you continue that support. We NEED you, to 'like' the AceWonder…Read More

Ace Wonder Movie Teaser!

Have you seen The Widow's Might or Heartstrings? Well we've recently completed production on our latest feature film, Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man. This film is a pseudo remake of our short film 'Heartstrings', which tells the touching tale of…Read More

Join Ace Wonder on Facebook!

Join Ace Wonder, the new film from the creators of The Widow's Might on…Read More

HeuMoore announces New Feature Film!

Alright folks, we're shooting another feature, beginning April 26th. The title is Ace Wonder. This time around, the film is really, really fun. Content, styling, and cast, is fantastic. Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man begins principle photography Stay…Read More

The Widow's Might Fully Loaded DVD's Now Shipping!

“Beautifully shot, and packed with a challenging message! The Widow’s Mightis innovative and inspiring!” – Stephen Kendrick, Writer & Producer of Fireproof and Facing The Giants Alright everybody, in January, The Widow's Might won the largest cash prize…Read More

Very Moving Video says, 'Reject Tyranny, Love your God!'

Friends of Mine, Philip and Chris Leclerc, were at the tea party that took place at DC. Listen to his message, and watch the incredibly moving video they shot and put together at the Tea Party! One of the most incredible things I've heard and…Read More
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