Female Genital Mutilation in UK: Police claims "We can't attack anyone's culture or faith"

The racism behind cultural relativism and multiculturalism and the failure of the police and authorities to prosecute the perpetraters and to protect the girls... Just read and share this brilliant piece by Anne Marie…Read More

Germany: Round table on "girl's circumcision" is nothing but an air bubble - wasting tax-payer's money

For more than fove years, the Ministry for health, emancipation etc. Germany's federal state NRW is supporting and financing a "Round Table" on Female Genital Mutilation. An actual inquiry brought to light that with this "round table", the tax-payer is…Read More

SAIDA International (www.saida-international.de) protects girls from FGM in Burkina Faso!

Great from the childprotection-village from SAIDA International: Yesterday, there was a huge celebration - where the authorities and decision-makers of the village declared the abandonment of FGM in the village. This morning, the first medical check ups of…Read More

1.000 for the protection of girls from FGM!

Please vote for SAIDA International that runs the first child protection village in Burkina Faso. https://verein.ing-diba.de/kinder-und-jugend/04103/saida-international-ev Its simple: Click the button "Stimme abgeben", enter your e-mail-adress to get a…Read More

International success...

of our Charity-Album VISION ACTION CHANGE - artists against Female Genital Mutilation: People enjoy it in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and first of all USA. But where are our fans from Italy? By buying the album, you support…Read More

Let's make it happen: Concert against FGM in BAMAKO

Please support Bafing Kul to make this unique project happen: Bafing is fighting FGM for years and now he is organizing a very special show in Bamako in order to touch the local population, espacially the youth of Mali. Please share and help him to make it…Read More

Please help us to protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation

If you say NO to Plan International's, World Vision's, Kindernothilfe's and ChildFund's policy to deny protection from the violence of Female Genital Mutilation to approx. 400.000 sponsored girls, please sign the 4…Read More
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