Still here

I haven't went any were! I just didn't want to be annoying! Beaner was so young when she was taken but she is a young woman by now. She is probably listening to her music on an iPod or wanting to call home on her cell phone. They would have to be buying…Read More


It is getting to be that time of year again when kids know school is starting. Let the Warners take their daughter to school! Please, BRING HER HOME!


All I am going to ask is please bring Beaner home!

Is this the time?

The 4th of July is rapidly approaching, maybe the most beautiful, amazing, and joyful fireworks the Warner family could see is the smile on the face of their dear LeeAnna arriving home! On this holiday there are usually a lot of extra people in the area,…Read More

New photo

Please see the new age enhanced photo of "Beaner" Bring her home!


As you walk down the streets, you hear the sounds of kids running and playing. Maybe even a mom or dad calling their child to come home. Cars being loaded to go to the lake or vacation,lawns being mowed, sprinklers spattering water, whether to water the grass…Read More

Shopping for a donation

If you add the cause tool bar it will keep track of when you shop on line and donate a certain percent to the cause! Please help Beaner by doing what you normally would anyway,shopping! Thank you all for your help and support!
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