Don't Balance the Budget on the Backs of Children

Just two and a half weeks ago, we launched this petition to President Obama, asking him to set the terms for deficit reduction negotiation by protecting programs serving children and their families. Thanks to so many of you, we beat our original goal of 5,000…Read More

Win a grand capital vacation package with CWLA!

Imagine strolling the halls during a tour of the Capitol and running into a senator you just saw on TV. Think about grabbing lunch at the new Capitol Visitors' Center and then touring the White House. Would you enjoy an evening that starts with happy hour at…Read More

Back to School, a time to focus on kids!

It's back-to-school season - a time when everyone is thinking about children! Let's take advantage of this to recruit more people to the cause and get more people donating. How many more members and donations can we get in the next 2 weeks?

Keep pushing!

Our patriotic push was not as successful as we hoped - our membership has grown, but no new donations have come in from this campaign. Please keep recruiting, fundraising, and donating.

Patriotic Push, Week 3: Remember to Donate!

Unfortunately, we don't have a winner today, because there was no change in fundraising from the beginning of our contest. But let's see if we can turn it around for this final week! This week, the goal is to donate. The top donor through Sunday, July 4,…Read More

Patriotic Push, Week 2: Remember to Fundraise

Congratulations to Week 1 winner April Curtis, our lead recruiter! Now, it's the second week of a special campaign to draw attention to the need for a White House Conference. This week, the goal is to fundraise. Fundraisers are those who raise money for the…Read More

Congratulations Week 1 winner April Curtis!

CWLA Board member April Curtis is our lead recruiter, with 104 recruits! CWLA is thankful to everyone who recruited in this first week - we've added more than 100 supporters since the first bulletin went out. This next week will be for fundraising - getting…Read More
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