THE PROPHET (peace be upon him) and HOUSEWORK!

share this, everyone should know who Mohammad ( peace be upon him) really was. After the death of the prophet (PBUH), His wife and the mother of all believers, Hz. Aisha was asked the following question: "How was the Apostle of Allah (SWT) at home?" Hz.…Read More

Pillars of Islam.

Pillars of Islam.

Dear sisters ♥

Respect your Hijab :)

Are you partying, smoking weed, being promiscuous and still not happy?

Listen to these young guys giving some great advice to those individuals who are stuck partying their lives away following there desires but are still not happy.

نصائح ♥

علموا أولادكم ثقافة ثلاث كلمات " ... لو سمحت .... .... آســــف ..... .... شـكرا ...... ما أروعــك .. عندما تخطئ ولو كان خطؤك صغيرًا جدًا فتقول... أنا آسف وما أجملك .. عندما تطلب شيئًا فتقول.... :لو سمحت وما أهذبك.. عندما تُقَدّم لك خدمة أو أي شيئ…Read More

The Door to Eternal Paradise ♥

God has said in the Quran: And give good news (O Muhammad) to those who believe and do good deeds, that they will have gardens (Paradise) in which rivers flow.... (Quran, 2:25) God has also said: Race one with another for forgiveness from your Lord and for…Read More

Oh Allah ♥

Oh Allah, I have no money, but I have You. I am rich. Oh Allah, I have no freedom, but I believe in You. I am free. Oh Allah, I have no patience, but I read Your Quran. I am calm. Oh Allah, I get no respect, but You listen to my dua. I am proud. Oh Allah, I…Read More
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