$9 to save a life

having hay costs covered for the year enables us to save $5000 on the cost of hay, & have all our volunteer programs funded. we can focus on rehabilitation & re.homing of horses. help us to keep rescuing the next discarded horse, $9, a half bale of…Read More

Rescheduled for ToDAY-Tuesday Hear All About WTH~ SJ on KSRO 5pm

Hear all about the Well Trained Horses @ Icssoma Farm's Summer events, #HayIsForHorses campaign and more this Tuesday 5pPT from Susan Jan Hornstein Live on 'The Drive With Steve Jaxon' KSRO Newstalk 1350 Listen online http://www.ksro.com/STW-PopUp.aspx Please…Read More

SJ's interview re: WellTrainedHorses @ Icssoma Farm on this weekend!

Please share the news : Susan Jan Hornstein's interview will be on this weekend! ***Saturday 6:30amPT on KJZY in the Santa Rosa area 93.7fm and online via http://www.kjzy.com/ ***Sunday 6:00amPT on KZST Sonoma County's Radio Station! Santa Rosa area 100.1fm…Read More

our special lady

lady was with us four years, in that time she won many s. she was a barn favorite, greeting people, as our freedom horse. she was a great teacher, helping people to understand horses on the ground, and in the saddle UPDATE #1 Please share the news : Susan Jan…Read More

remi needs a new home

more fabulous rescues, from Well Trained Horses. Remi in the foreground, started under saddle, awaiting more training in one of our satellite pastures. always looking for more satellite pastures, skilled trainers, and any help to ready Remi (and friends) for…Read More

horses, for life friends

horses are social animals. they need each other, and in domestication they need us. great friends to each other, and to us who join their world.

horse is a hero

to a grateful colt. likely if you are a member of our cause you know horses care & love & enrich all of our lives in ways that my words can't begin to express.
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