Rotating Beneficiaries

To those who heart art and believe that it can make a difference: It's been awhile since the last time I called for you to submit your art and give each other input and support one another, because, well, that's what we're here for, right? :) The economy is…Read More

Artists, get out the vote for Change!

To the 10,000+ artists part of this community, I'd like to ask you to continue sharing your work with all of us. Art can influence. Art can be the catalyst for change. This is especially true with the upcoming election and the incredible art that it's…Read More

We Heart Art, So Let's Show It

To everyone who believes in the power of art and has joined this cause -- Thank you so much for being a part of "Save a Starving Artist." As the cause creator/administrator, I'd love to ask for volunteers to help build and evolve this cause into something…Read More

We're almost a Town!

Hey all, You've probably noticed the new Pixel People that are showing up on Causes. Our team has been hard at work developing them, to show how much each cause has grown visually -- We only need 703 more members to become a Town (that's the next size…Read More
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