School Pantries in Need of Food

Weekend Backpack Program supporters: Certain items are running very low in our two school based pantries. Right now, we are in need of donations of peanut butter, canned beans, raisins, and single serving breakfast cereal. If you would like to get involved…Read More

$1,000 Fundraising Goal

Our Cause has a goal of raising $1,000 for the Weekend Hunger Backpack program. Every penny will go toward feeding children in our area who don't have access to food on the weekend. With $1,000, United Way can purchase 5,555 lbs of food through our local food…Read More

Day of Action!

Today, 9/9/09, over 600 volunteers are participating in various projects in North Central Florida on behalf of United Way! Two elementary schools have been stocked with food for the Weekend Hunger Backpack Program thanks to Florida Food Service and Target…Read More

No More Hungry Children!

Thank you for supporting United Way through our Students LIVE UNITED Facebook Cause. With the creation of Student United Way @ Santa Fe, and their focus on eradicating child hunger in Alachua, the Cause has been realigned! Now, EVERY DOLLAR donated to this…Read More

Student United Way is Gearin' Up!

Hey United Way Advocate, Student United Way organizations are getting started at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College! We already have a lot of great students on both campuses working hard to make sure our campuses will LIVE UNITED 365 days a year.…Read More

United Way Facebook Page

Hey all, In honor of our $10,000 victory in the United Way Challenge on Facebook, we're kicking up our campus engagement and Facebook efforts. Two big updates... 1. Student United Way, a UF club that supports United Way of North Central Florida, is looking…Read More

WE WON $10,000!!!

The results from the 2008 United Way Challenge on Facebook have been released. We placed 3rd in the GIVE category, and 1st in the VOLUNTEER category! In total, the United Way of North Central Florida will be receiving $10,000 on top of the generous donations…Read More
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