Earn Money for VisionQuest 20/20 when You Shop Online!

Hi everyone! We have a really exciting opportunity to earn a lot of money for our cause just by doing what we're doing anyway this time of year - shopping for the holidays. Hundreds of websites like Target, Best Buy, and Expedia have agreed to donate a…Read More

Prevent Blindness America Advocates for Eye and Vision Health

Check out this awesome post from PBA blogspot. It emphasizes that half of all blindness can be prevented with proper education, early detection and proper treatment. VisionQuest 20/20 aims to achieve all of these goals starting with accurate, comprehensive…Read More

A Success Story: Why Vision Screenings are so Important

Check out this story...it is amazing to see how proper diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia in this child drastically impacted her life for the better! :) "My daughter Ashley was having great difficulty in the first grade. When she began vision therapy with…Read More
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