Let's All Keep Our Porch Lights on for Caleb & All Kids at Risk

Caleb's family and friends of family had asked that all of us keep our porch lights burning. Little Caleb was found and brought home to his loved ones, but there are many other kids out there who die or suffer everyday at the hands of their own parents. Let's…Read More

Contact CO Senators to Ask for Changes in Our Laws

Contact CO Senators to Ask for Changes in Our Laws Please ask that the laws change so that when a child goes missing, regardless of whose custody they may be in, that law enforcement can step in immediately. Mark Udall:…Read More

Donations for the Family

If you'd like to make a donation to the family of little Caleb Pacheco to help cover his final expenses this is the info that the family sent me: Sterling Federal Credit Union.... P.O. Box 1086 Sterling Colorado 80751 (970)-522-0111..... GO ahead and call and…Read More

Join the Cause for Kids and Contact Our Senators

The fight to change our laws won't stop. Please when you join this cause also take the time to contact our Senators through the contact links and have your voice heard. Remember you are one voice but together we are strong. Never give up the fight to change…Read More
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