Do you tweet?

If the answer is no, check out how Twitter has become a valuable outlet for creating communities of philanthropists and activists: Get your Twitter username today: Besides, it's…Read More

Calling all July babies!

"Donate" your birthday to Support Veterans First! Anyone whose birthday is in the next 30 days can make a Birthday Wish and ask friends to give money to your cause. How easy is that? Made possible by Facebook's Causes application, it's another creative way to…Read More

Let's get to 1000 members by the end of the weekend to celebrate our Nation's birthday!

Hey friends! Be safe this weekend! We've made it to our 233rd year as an incredible Nation, under G*d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! It's important for us to stick together as we have for two centuries and-- forgive the cliche-- we now…Read More

Stand-Up for Veterans begins at 7pm Tonight!

We invite you to return from the beach today for "Stand-Up for Veterans" at Kings Bowling Lanes & Lounge! Enjoy five great comedians, good music, and participate in our raffle with prizes from restaurants, hotels, and businesses throughout New…Read More

Pre-Memorial Day Donation Drive

Support! Action! Results! Take action now! VFDC announces its Pre-Memorial Day Donation Drive ending with Stand-Up for Veterans at Kings Bowling Lanes & Lounge on Memorial Day! Give as little as $10 right now by clicking "Donate." Every dollar helps us…Read More
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