Chad Hinz

The need of volunteers for Veterans Advocacy is on the rise and I have taken the first step by advancing my education. As United States citizens we are called more now than ever to do more with our lives, and to be part of a bigger cause. I hope to gain an understanding of the value of psychological knowledge and my purpose in Advocacy becomes clearer. In serving 20 years in the military myself, and knowing the fight with addictions and substance abuse myself, I’ve got the boots and awards. Now I want the uniform in my closet to mean more than service, I want it to mean continued support of my peers and fellow soldiers. I’ve seen firsthand the fights soldiers are having at home, in their jobs, and in their relationships. All of us have something to learn about the psychological aspects of serving in combat and serving at home. We are more likely to seek the help of an advocate or counselor, if we can relate to their experience. I pray I can relate to those who join me in this quest, and I hope I can recruit more retired Military men and women to do the same. Identifying and shining light, while creating a better environment for Veterans to improve relationships, family, and our life style is my goal today….tomorrow….and in the future. We need each other to be here for the long haul! The underlying theme is as Veterans we understand how psychology can defeat the enemy, though we need to understand how it can help better our lives. We use psychological tactics in combat and training environments today. Now we need to use it to increase our morale, and our participation to help those who helped us defeat the enemy. I’m confident this is my next 20 years of service, and the first 20 in the National Guard was logged so that I’d appreciate the healing and value I see in my sights now. I value every soldier. Join me in my quest to reach out to as many of ME as we can!