UPDATE: Ohio- December 2011

In the wake of the incident in Zanesville Ohio, where a disturbed man released lions, tigers and bears from his facility prior to committing suicide, pressure has come down from Governor Kasich's office to BAN many exotic animals; including hundreds of…Read More

Letter to President Obama Opposing Python Ban! Do It NOW!!!

RED ALERT: Stop Python BAN NOW! Many have NOT sent their letters to President Obama and Congress Opposing the PYTHON BAN! If you care anything about this industry and hobby you will take action NOW! It is rumored that Interior Secretary Salazar will be…Read More

NO Pennsylvania Reptile Ban!

It has been recently reported in a number of media venues that Pennsylvania State Senator Richard Alloway (R-33) would introduce legislation that would ban many reptiles in PA. There has been much talk over the social networks and forums speculating about a…Read More

Connecticut: Public Comment/ Reptile Ban

DEADLINE for Public Comment March 1, 2011 Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Natural Resources Wildlife Division is taking Public Comment on a proposal to promulgate regulations pursuant to Connecticut General Statute Section 26-55.…Read More

ALERT: New Python Ban/ HR511

On January 26, 2010 Congressman Tom Rooney of Florida introduced HR511. To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the importation of various injurious species of constrictor snakes. This bill if passed would add 9 constrictors to the Injurious…Read More

USARK Victorious in 111th Congress!

The 111th Congress has come to and end! And with it three federal bills have fallen to the titanic efforts of USARK and the Reptile Nation. As you know USARK engineered an 11th hour campaign to keep those who would destroy our young industry from adding S373,…Read More

ALERT: DEADLINE Public Comment Amphibian Listing!

DEADLINE Thursday December 16, 2010 The deadline for the USFWS public comment period regarding the the listing of ALL Amphibians on the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act is NEXT Thursday at 11:59 PM. EVERYONE NEEDS TO COMMENT!! The following are…Read More
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