The trip has finally come to and end

We did it, we actually did it. We completed our goal traveling to all 50 states. We road to the 48, and flew to Alaska and Hawaii. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget, and it was made possible because of all you that supported us. Thank you to…Read More

T Shirts Available

Hey guys we have tshirts available for purchase on our website, just go to and click on the icon of the shirt on the right side of the page. You can order the shirt right there from our site. 50% of the money goes to our trip, and…Read More

New Podcast

Hey guys just wanted you all to know that we got our podcast up and running, and so we would like for you guys to check it out. You can get to it through Itunes ( or by going to our…Read More

We need a few more churches

We are pretty set on the cities we plan to visit, you can see those by going to our tour schedule page ( What we have been working on lately is getting all the church’s names and info together that we plan…Read More

How to help

OK, so what we really need from the members of this cause is not money. What we really need is three things. The first is a non-profit that would be willing to partner with us. We would like to have the backing of an organization, and hopefully one that…Read More

New Cause Account!

Sorry about the mix up guys. For whatever reason, the first one I made was not working properly. Even though I made it, it did not recognize me as the administrator, and it was not showing up properly. So I was unable to change any of the info on the page.…Read More
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