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Make All Gmo's And Foods From Monsanto Illegal To Grow Or Sell In The Usa

GM modified foods have no place on Earth, not just the USA. Once released, there is no way of reversing the consequences of the damage that they can do to the gene pools of plants and animals. Monsanto staff avoid eating Genetically modified products as the signs displayed on Monsanto Staff Cafeterias state. If they feel it is not safe, why do they think it is safe for the general public. Monsanto and other companies who promote genetic manipulation, use short term studies, conducted by research institutes that they have funded to show that the resultant food is safe. Many longer term studies show horrendous shortcomings, that have disastrous effects on the health of those consuming it. They use the huge sums of money by advertising to bribe newspapers and the media not to carry negative stories about them. GMO products are not necessary, if we cut back on wastage and nurture our soils, we can easily feed everyone on on Earth, without harming it. Yes, even a 10+ Billion population. The only reason that these awful and dangerous products are approved, is because many of our Politicians are corrupt. The FDA, EPA & USDA are often manned by those who served the companies that are pushing these dangerous products. They have pensions with those companies and want to ensure that those products are widely used to benefit themselves. Many of them return to the same companies that they helped regulated and return to higher better paid positions as a thank you for putting their true masters interests first over that of HUMANITY.

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